review is a niche Chinese dating site specially cater for Chinese singles from all arouind the world. Recently there are a huge number of influx of members coming from China besides american chinese. is a chinese free dating love site for those looking to dating a Chinese woman. There are many Chinese singles and Chinese ladies listed on Chinese, some seeking for fun, others are searching for a foreign marriage partner. Below are detailed review of features.

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How many members touts itself as the largest Chinese dating site. At the members login page, there are currently 280,000 members. From an online check reveals that most of members come from various part of China. Wuhan, Hubei Guangzhou, Guangdong, Dalian, Liaoning Xi'an, Shaanxi, Nanning, Guangxi, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fujian, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Beijing, There are also foreign visitors coming from United States, Sweden and Germany that are visiting

What's really cool

Video Recorder and Video gallery
View other members' video profile with a click of a button ! Many of Chinese women are willing to introduce themselves through webcams and recording their introduction video clips into You can also upload your own video clips to create lasting impressions and increase your chances of finding love.

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Update: In the past, free standard member of is allow to view all members' video profiles. Recently, the rules of has changed, as a FREE Standard member you can only view videos of Platinum members for FREE, however you need to be a Platinum member in order to view videos of Gold or FREE Standard members.

Advantages of a video introduction profile

  • Record Your Webcam Video And Get More Responses.
  • Increase your chances of finding somebody.
  • Make a memorable impression by adding a FREE Video Introduction to your profile using your webcam!

Disadvantages of member profile

  • Upload only 1 photo out of available 5
    You have to become a Gold member to be able to upload the other 4 available slots.
What type of Relationships? is suitable for you if you are searching for Chinese singles seeking
romance, dating even marriage! Read below for a happy couple that met in David is a foreign man seeking a Chinese woman.

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David and LingLing

To the ChineseLoveLinks team,

I am David and i would like to thank Chinese Lovelinks for everything as i met the most amazing woman LingLing from the North East China on your site and she is everything a man could ever want from his girlfriend and wife to be. I went to China to meet LingLing and her parents and friends and they all made me feel very welcome and all liked me. I then proposed to LingLing and applied for a visa before i returned to England. In April this Year i picked LingLing up from the airport to start our wonderfull new life together and we get married on the 7th of October this Year. i hope you can see from the pictures how wonderfull and happy and in love we are thanks to you all.

Thank You Sincerely
David and LingLing

Signing Up for FREE

Registration of Free membership in is a simple three step process. However in the second step is rather lengthy, you just have bear with it to explore the site as soon as possible. So the solution is to skim through the steps as you can amend your profile later on.

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Ease of Use
has a simple and clean layout unlike the others. All useful features are easy to navigate.

Search Functions

Advanced Search function

It is frustratingly when you click on the advanced search function and it says "Upgrade your membership to use Advanced search". That's the slight disadvantage being a Free account member. So you are only left with the option of choosing prospective partner in any country or in any region.

Flirting Features?

"Show Interest" feature are shown besides member's profile so when you think you are interested in them, you can click the 'Show Interest' feature and the opposite will be notified.


Email Communication
You can compose an email and send it to your interested partner. However if both of you are FREE Standard members, the email you have sent could not be read by your partner. In order to read your message one of you must upgrade your membership.

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Jim and Jing Jing

Thank you Chinese Love Links for creating an excellent venue for meeting Chinese women, your site has helped me connect very special lady. When I became a member of your site, the response was phenomenal. I received numerous emails from women in China, and I had the opportunity to chat with some very charming women.

Chatting with Jing Jing was a pleasure; she was friendly, intelligent, and funny. We were soon chatting 2 to 3 hours each day. we had decided to meet in person, and I flew to China. We agreed that spending time together would ultimately decide if we were suited for each other, and we suited each other very well.

We registered as a married couple in the Sichuan Provincial Registry Office, on August 3, 2007. On August 11, 2007, we then had a traditional Chinese wedding in Jing Jing hometown of Panzhihua. I feel extremely lucky to have found a life partner who is my lover and my best friend!

Thanks again, Chinese LoveLinks.

Sincerely Jim

Instant Messaging
Instant Communicator available to Gold Members Only. You have to upgrade your membership and connect to other members using Chinese LoveLinks instant communicator or messaging systems.


Find Your Perfect Match

You can complete the matchmaking form to record information about your desired partner. For example you can even specify what height, age range or what educational qualifications, religion you want your match to be. After you have completed this form you will be able to see how compatible other members are to your requirements. When Chinese Love found a match for you, a notification will be send to your mailbox.

Some of couples that found their love through

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Karl & Chang

We met on june/06 We have been corresponding nearly everyday since. 3 weeks after I was registered I found the girl that changed my life. we were chatting a lot, and after 11 months I came from Israel to China to meet her. 4 months later she came to Israel and for now we starting the procedure to get married and live in Israel. thank you very much for bringing Chang to me. She is the kindest and most beautiful person I had ever met. She makes me want to be a better man.

Thank you


Language of the site has English / Chinese language interface.

How much does it cost you?

There are two types of membership
1) Free Account
2) Premium membership: Gold and Platinum

So what are the important benefits and advantages of a Gold or Platinum Member?

Gold Member
Platinum Member
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
    == Maximun exposure to Chinese women members
  • Add 5 photos
  • Initiate contact with free or paying members through email, voicemail or videomail
  • Rank your profile above Standard members
  • Read mail or instant messages from free or paying members
    == Communicate freely to those Chinese girls that you are interested
  • Rank your profile above Gold Members
  • Use video, voice or text instant messaging

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