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What Every Man Should Know To Be Successful With Women

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David DeAngelo is hands down, one of the BEST known and most authoritative author when it comes to the world of dating advice. David DeAngelo has been famous in the secretive community who called themselves pick up artists, these are men who pride themselves on the art of picking up women. Back then no one could pinned down exactly how to become successful with women. The phenomenon started with the first definitive dating advice eBook called Double Your Dating Now this book is like the Holy Bible of "How to pick up women".

Double Your Dating eBook Review:

Personally, I do not like to expose my private life in the public. Why? because this will let the world whole know that I'm a such a loser with women. LOL. You see I have never had much luck with women. Most of the girls I have met are women that have been introduced to me through a friend or family member. That's it! Even the two girls I dated in the past are through introduction by friends.

I've seen a lot of normal looking guys with some sizzling hot women, but back in my mind I always believed somehow those guys must be rich or something as I couldn't see any other way they could pull off such a feat. I knew I was not rich or wealthy but surely that must be some way or another for me to attract and maybe date, some of the gorgeous women that were out there!

How I came to know about Double Your Dating eBook

I started searching for information on dating advice for men in the internet, browsing through forums looking at dating tips for men, looking at different eBooks' sales pages, and reading blog after blog. Some of the information I obtained was quite helpful, but it wasn't a home run. I didn't have hundreds of dollars to spend on eBook after eBook, so I did research, and set out to find something that would actually TELL me how to be successful with women and dating!

Then I stumbled upon David DeAngelo's book, Double Your Dating , I was REALLY skeptical to say the least. It is offered as a package, which includes a ton of “bonus material”, and it was a pretty good value for money. That being said, I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of crappy dating and seduction eBook packages for sale out there that made most of their sales by offering “extra bonuses ”.

This kind of put me off, so I looked around the net some more and spent a good amount of time wasting away in dating forums reading what people had to say about some of the popular dating advice books out there. I heard many people recommend “Double Your Dating”, so I gave it some thought, and then finally placed my order.

What makes Double Your Dating eBook hook

As soon as I got the book, I started reading it. I'll have to say that the book didn't really “grab” me at first, so I kind of had to muscle my way through the intro and first few pages of the book. After this point, I finally started to get hooked and pulled in. Double Your Dating is MUCH MORE than a simple collection of "pick up lines" or dating techniques that have been scrounged from blogs and message boards across the internet.

Double Your Dating eBook really had a strong focus on the core foundation and elements required for successful social interactions, as well as building attraction and intrigue in the opposite sex, and developing sexual comfort and communication.

Double Your Dating gives you a ton of information, all of which is needed for the self-improvement and changes needed to be successful with women . This book goes way above and beyond in its explanation and knowledge. It explains to you in full detail how to react in nearly any situation , and it isn't any cheesy material that you need to memorize and recite a hundred times either!

How can Double Your Dating eBook help you?

Double Your Dating eBook will help transform you into the man that you've always desired to be, the man that women want, the man that women chase. After reading this book, I not only had a new insight into how male and female social interaction worked, but it opened my eyes to so many things that I never noticed before!

I've always been a pretty shy guy, not to say that I wasn't social or fun to be around, but a good looking woman had a way of stripping me of all confidence just with her presence, which made it insanely tough for me to muster up the courage to do anything aside from staring and dream.

On page 41 of “ Double Your Dating ”, DeAngelo shows an amazing method that will help you develop completely, rock-solid confidence in yourself, in your appearance, in your attitude, and in your manhood. I never thought you could mentally make changes that would help you so much in life, but this has proved me wrong.

The contents of Double Your Dating eBook

David DeAngelo goes on to FULLY explain that there are 6 different types of insecurities, all of which are detrimentally harmful when it comes to your success with women. Each of these are outlined in detail, and he explains how to spot them and take control, how to look at yourself constructively and see your flaws and insecurities, and how to OVERCOME them .

I never thought that I was acting insecure around women; I just felt that I was a bit shy, and that no one but me really noticed it. After reading this book, I realized that my shyness was screaming to be noticed, and that women could sense it, and it would turn them off. My reaction of being shy in front of women show them that I was insecure, and when your insecurities stand out, you might as well scream out “I am NOT good enough for you, so do NOT give me the time of day!”

How I implemented what was taught inside Double Your Dating eBook

About 2 weeks after reading Double Your Dating (Alright, I read it twice. Don't judge me.), I was at a local club with 3 of my long time buddies. If there was ever a perfect time to try out a few of the things I had recently read about, it was now. I headed to the bar and grabbed a drink, and as I turned to head back towards my table, I kind of glanced over at this beautiful platinum blonde girl that was standing to my left.

Using one of the simple openers I had read in DeAngelo's book, I struck up a conversation with her. It was amazing that she was actually talking to me, and I would be lying if I said I didn't start to feel somewhat nervous, like the spotlight was on me and everyone was watching, but I managed to keep my calm and hold myself together. Once I knew I had her attention, I knew I could lose it at any moment, so I decided to try out another technique I had learned from the book, which DeAngelo calls “ Cocky & Funny ”. This is basically a term for someone that can be playful and slightly negative, but in a funny and friendly way.

How did I score? the result...

When I started being "cocky & funny", her reaction was simply AMAZING! Nothing but a huge smile and hysterical laughing. It was awesome! We then found somewhere to sit and within 30 minutes we were kissing . I got her number using the advice in Double Your Dating (the best way ever to ask for her number) and met up with her a few days later. It had gone perfectly, and I could hardly hold in the smile as I left the club. That next weekend I met up with her, and we spent the night at my place. My friends were amazed to say the least, as they had no clue I could do something like that, and to be honest, neither did I.

The night I was meeting up with her, I did get somewhat nervous. I started running “ What If's ” through my head, which did nothing but make me uncomfortable and insecure about myself. I spent 20 or 30 minutes and had a quick scan through Double Your Dating just to refresh my memory, and help calm my nerves. During the night I had used a lot of tips and advice I had learned from the book to help keep her attention on me, and to keep her smiling and laughing, making her comfortable around me. It was maybe 5 hours and we were in my bed (and on the floor, and the couch, and the bed again), having the time of our lives.

The next day she had left to go home and clean up before class, and I just sat there wondering how any of the things that went on the night before had actually come to happen. I was just amazed! All I could think about was how I'd finally found something that would give me the answers I had been looking for . A book that was there just for me, that told me all of the stuff I wanted to know and left out all of the fluff and useless crap that other books fill their pages with. Double Your Dating was for real, and it was straight to the point. It had turned a skeptic (Me) into a religious follower within just a few weeks.

One of the things that really stood out to me when I was reading and reviewing (and enjoying) Double Your Dating, was the fact that it was packed full of useful information, and no filler . It is like pure, uncut, powerful information! Each chapter, each page, was just to-the-bone with straightforward information and advice. David DeAngelo is a very talented writer, and I won't even get started on the experience he has with women, and how much information is in that genius brain of his. Unlike some of the other dating guides and books and programs out there (I won't mention names), Double Your Dating is ACTUALLY useful. It is very easy to read, very useful, and doesn't boggle your mind with technical terms that you never need to know. It was written with a normal guy in mind, and any normal guy can gain an incredible amount of useful knowledge from this book.

Summary on Double Your Dating eBook

As I stated before, I was very skeptical about this book, as I am with many “informational” books, but it lived up to all of my expectations and much more.

If you're looking for something that can give you more than just some cheesy pick-up lines, Double Your Dating is what you want. Nothing comes close to this book, and trust me, you will agree once you give it a read.

The MOST IMPORTANT tip: IMPLEMENT & PRACTICE what Double your Dating will teach you!

It even comes with 100% ironclad no-risk 7 day money-back guarantee . So, you have nothing to lose. Now stop wasting your time around and GO give it a TRY !


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