Arab Culture

Arab dating culture is virtually unheard of in ancient Arabic world. Arab dating sites have sprung up recently to meet the demands of Arab singles from Arabic countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. If you are interested in the mystical aura of the Arab community, you may choose to familiarise yourself with Arab culture first.

Difference between Arab and Muslim

Most of Arab people are followers of Islam, known as Muslims. Muslims believe Muhammad to have been God's (Arabic: All?h) final prophet. However the majority of the world's Muslims do not form part of the Arab World.

The majority of the world's Muslims do not speak Arabic, but only know some fixed phrases of Arabic language which are used in Islamic prayer.

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Arab custom and traditions

Arab people look upon traditional values and morals as part of their culture. , Their religion, Islam highly influences the way they live their lives.

Arab customs follow Islamic teachings embrace or kiss anyone in public. Arranged marriages are usually practised in Arab countries, however the younger Arab singles are quick to embrace the growing Arab dating online sites to find their romance.

Characteristics of the Arab people

Arab people are generally understanding and unlikely to take offence at social blunders. Arab people welcome and love foreigners who know a bit about their Arabic language and respect their social norms.

How do Arabs say hello?

The common greetings of saying hello: "Ahlan wa sahlan"
The other party would reply with : "Ahlan bik"

Ahlan is to say ?you?re like my family?;
Sahlan is to say ?take it easy?
Conclusion: ?you?re like my family and so take it easy?

It is customary to enquire about the other person?s health first rather than talk about business right from the start. You can expect similar enquiries to be directed at you. (Don?t enquire after the health of the female members of an Arab?s family, however, but restrict your questions to those regarding the family in general or the sons.)

How do you greet an Arab?

The most common and polite greeting in the arabic countries is to say:
Assalaamu Alaikum which means "May Peace be upon you"

If the opposite party greeted you first, you may reply with
Wa alaykum as-salam meaning "And upon you be peace"

Dress of Arab women

Women in the Arab world have throughout history experienced discrimination and have been subject to restrictions of their freedom and rights.

There are two distinct type of dress of arab women?s clothing:
1) dress code for Arab women 2) dress code for foreign women
Dress of Arab women must conform strictly to religious custom, which means that Arab women must cover most of their body, from head to toe.

Dress of Arab women in the public

exotic Arab Culture woman1The traditional black overgarment is called abaya. Arab women's dress is ankle length with long sleeves and a high neckline covering their hair.

Most Arab women are totally covered from head to toe including their face and hands leaving only their eyes exposed.

The abaya is meant to shield Arab women away from other Arabic men prying eyes. Foreign women in Arab countries may wear western clothes but are advised to dress conservatively.

Dress of Arab women in their private home

Arab Culture women sexy clothesIn Arab countries, Arabic culture frown upon Arabic women's clothes which reveal even a bit of flesh.

Clothes that are revealing their shoulders, arms and legs may even land them in religious court. There are Islamic religious law that banned any woman from dressing provocatively.

Arabic women who flout the rule are regarded as promiscuous unchaste and immoral.

In the comfort of their own home, modern Arab women may choose to wear trendy western clothes or even try flirtatious lingerie or exotic wear but only for the eyes of their husbands.

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