review now known as formally known as is a Filipino dating and personals site that assists Filipino to find friendship and long-term relationships with people from around the world. You can find Filipina singles, Filipino ladies seeking romance or Philippines singles seeking friendship or pen pals. Read below to find out more exciting features to help you find filipino singles looking for romance.

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Memberships numbers

There are total of 403,217 active members right now! That's a lot of filipino singles out coming from major cities like cebu city,Quezon City,davao city,manila for you to know!

What's really cool

Video Recorder and Video gallery
View other members video profile with a click of a button ! Some of the members even sing in their video profile! There are about 15 pages of video profiles to be seen. You can also upload your own and create lasting impressions to your prospective partner. image4

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most popular members video clips!

Update: In the past, free standard member of now known as is allow to view all members' video profiles. Recently, the rules of now known as has changed, as a FREE Standard member you can only view videos of Platinum members for FREE, however you need to be a Platinum member in order to view videos of Gold or FREE Standard members.

Advantages of a video introduction profile

  • Record Your Webcam Video And Get More Responses.
  • Increase your chances of finding somebody.
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What type of Relationships?

FilipinaHeart is suitable for you if you are searching for pen pals,
friendship, romance dating even marriage!

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Anna and Joe

I'm letting all the guys know now known as is for real. Take time to get to know not only her, but also the filipino culture, definitely visit the country! It will be quite an adventure and an invaluable lesson in understanding your future wife. We met on line in 2004. I narrowed down my choice to Anna. We chatted often on yahoo and met a year later in Manila. Our vacation lasted 5 weeks as we traveled from one end of Luzon to the other. We got married in 2006, June. The whole process with Homeland Sec/visa stuff took about 5 mths. We did it without lawyers. Be patient, it is well worth the wait.


Signing Up

Although signing up is a bit lengthy, you just have bear it to explore the site as soon as possible. So the solution is to quickly answer quickly as you can amend your profile later on.

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Ease of Use

Filipina Heart has a simple and clean layout unlike the others. All useful features are easy to navigate.

Search Engine

Advanced Search function
It is frustratingly when you click on the advanced search function and it says "Upgrade your membership to use Advanced search". That's the slight disadvantage being a Free account member. So you are only left with the option of choosing prospective partner in any country or in any region.

Flirting Online?

"Show Interest" feature are shown besides member's profile so when you think you are interested in them, you can click the 'Show Interest' feature and the opposite will be notified.

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Email Communication
You can compose an email and send it to your interested partner. However if both of you are FREE Standard members, the email you have sent could not be read by your partner. In order to read your message one of you must upgrade your membership.

filipino courtship image1

Joy & Jeff

i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank now known as for bringing JEFF and I together. i found the love i've been looking for. Looking for love on net is really hard,and thats the meet a lot of deceitful people,some were misleading,some were just playing games,...We met at FH in May 2006 . When Jeff went home in the USA,he started to file fiance visa and im so glad that things are working on us.We really miss each other so much that he came back and visit me again in Nov 2006 to have our formal engagement and he gave me our promise ring.I really feel that im the happiest girl in the world coz finally God has answered all my prayers and that is to find my happiness.He gave me the man that loves and accepts me for who i am and I couldnt ask for anything more...... For now im really excited to be with him forever real soon,..... and nothing can stop us now!!!! i wish everyone good luck on thier search and may they find love and happiness just what i found now.Just keep on praying and GOD will find a way........ THANK YOU GUYS AND MORE POWER TO now known as !!!!!


Instant Messaging
Instant Communicator available to Gold Members Only. You have to upgrade your membership and connect to other members using Filipina Heart instant communicator or messaging systems.


Find Your Perfect Match

You can complete the matchmaking form to record information about your desired partner. For example you can even specify what height, age range or what educational qualifications, religion you want your match to be. After you have completed this form you will be able to see how compatible other members are to your requirements. When Filipina Heart found a match for you, a notification of your matches will be send to your mailbox.

Some of couples that found their love through now known as ,

filipino courtship image1

Irene and Anthony

i'm irene, i found my husband anthony w. smith on now known as and we talk for only 9 months and he will came together with his children and we get married on january 8,2007 and he will come back to birmingham england and we were talking back again in net and i'm waiting for my spousal visa and in fact i have received from a letter for my interview in the British embassy. i will be thankful to now known as where i meet my beloved husband. To filipinaheart i have to say my greatful thanks on your site and i hope that many those who were seeking their partner just go in this site and you can found your true soulmate. thank you very much... GOD BLESS

-Irene Smith

Language of the site now known as has English / Tagalog language interface.

How much does it cost you?

There are two types of membership
1) Free Account
2) Premium membership: Gold and Platinum

So what are the important benefits and advantages of a now known as Gold or Platinum Member?

Gold Member
Platinum Member
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
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  • Add 5 photos
  • Initiate contact with free or paying members through email, voicemail or videomail
  • Rank your profile above Standard members
  • Read mail or instant messages from free or paying members
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  • Rank your profile above Gold Members
  • Use video, voice or text instant messaging

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