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KoreanCupid.com is an international Korean dating site that is specifically cater for Korean guys and Korean women living in Korea and abroad to keep in touch with one another. The nature of a borderless cyberspace break down any walls between South Korea and North Korea. With the rising wave of popular K-Pop culture catching on in Asia, people are willing to find out more about contemporary Korean culture.

The attractiveness of Korean actors in popular Korean dramas whipped up fantasies among Asian women. This led to many Asian females hoping to find their ideal Korean men in KoreanCupid.com. At a glance, there are many Korean girls listed on KoreanCupid.com, some are searching for their Mr Right, seeking fun, others are searching for Korean love or friendship. Below are detailed review of KoreanCupid.com features.


Find Korean Girls in KoreanCupid.com

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How many members

KoreanCupid.com touts itself as the international Korean dating site. At the member's login page, there are currently 199,000 members. An online background check reveals that most of KoreanCupid.com members come from various Korean province and cities namely, Seoul, Uiwang, Gyoenggi-do, Pusan, Busan, Chonju, Jeollabuk-do, Chungcheongbuk-do, Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Incheon, Daejon, Gwangju. There are also foreign visitors coming from United States, Canada and Australia that are visiting KoreanCupid.com.

What's really cool

Video Recorder and Video gallery
View other members' video profile with a click of a button ! Many of Korean women are willing to record their introduction video clips through webcams. You can also upload your own video clips to create lasting impressions and increase your chances of finding love.

koreancupid-video-01 koreancupid-video-02 koreancupid-video-03

Click here to view
most popular members video clips!

Update: In the past, free standard member can view all members' video profiles. Recently, the rules of has changed, as a FREE Standard member you can only view videos of Platinum members for FREE. However you need to be a Platinum member in order to view videos of Gold or FREE Standard members.

Advantages of a video introduction profile

  • Record Your Webcam Video And Get More Responses.
  • Increase your chances of getting noticed.
  • Make a memorable impression by adding a FREE Video Introduction to your profile.

Disadvantages of KoreanCupid.com member profile

  • Unable to read emails send by members
    You have to upgrade to a paid membership in order to read emails.
What type of Relationships?

KoreanCupid.com is suitable for you if you are searching for Korean singles coming from South Korea.
The chances of finding a Korean bride is quite slim as most of the KoreanCupid members are seeking friendship and penpal.

Signing Up for FREE

Registration of free membership in KoreanCupid.com is a simple three step process. However the second step is rather lengthy, you just have bear with it to explore the site as soon as possible. So the solution is to skim through the steps as you can amend your profile later on.

Click here to register for KoreanCupid.com in three easy steps

Ease of Use

has a simple and uncluttered layout unlike the others. All useful features are easy to navigate.

Search Functions

Advanced Search function

In the advanced search function, you can filter members by ethnicity, religion, height, last activity. You can also narrow down your search by specific Korean province.

Flirting Features?

"Show Interest" feature are shown just below a member's profile so when you think you are interested in them, you can click the 'Show Interest' feature and the member will be notified. See the example of the show interest icon.



Email Communication
You can compose an email and send to a member that you are interested in. However if both of you are FREE Standard members, the email you have sent could not be read by the opposite member. In order to read your message one of you must upgrade your membership.

Instant Online Chat
If a KoreanCupid member is online, you can see a blinking icon like this. "I'm Online - click here to chat" Standard member may initiate chat with Gold members for free, however you have to upgrade to talk to other free standard members.



Find Your Perfect Match

You can complete the matchmaking form to record information about your desired partner. For example you can even specify what height, age range or what educational qualifications, religion you want your match to be. After you have completed this form KoreanCupid.com will find compatible members that match to your requirements. When KoreanCupid.com.com found a match for you, a notification will be send to your mailbox.

Language of the site

KoreanCupid.com has English / Korean language interface.

How much does it cost you?

There are two types of membership
1) Free Standard Account
2) Premium membership: Gold and Platinum

So what are the important benefits and advantages of a KoreanCupid.com Gold or Platinum Member?

Gold Member
Platinum Member
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
  • Contact free or paying members through email or instant messaging
    == Maximun exposure to Korean women members
  • Add 5 photos
  • Initiate contact with free or paying members through email, voicemail or videomail
  • Rank your profile above Standard members
  • Read mail or instant messages from free or paying members
    == Communicate freely to those Korean girls that you are interested
  • Rank your profile above Gold Members
  • Use video, voice or text instant messaging


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