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Korean FriendFinder touts itself as the ultimate Korean online dating personals site. The truth is Korean FriendFinder is part of the hugely popular Friend Finder network of dating sites. You might have limited chance of finding people living in South or North Korea, however Koreans who are living abroad especially in the United States seek to reconnect to their Korean culture by visiting Korean FriendFinder.com

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Memberships numbers

As of right now there are 170,223 active members! That's a lot of Korean singles from Seoul, Suwon, Kyonggi-Do, Yeongju, Bundang, Pusan and Incheon out there for you to know!

What's really cool

Record Your Webcam Video And Get 10 Times More Responses
Increase your chances of finding somebody. Make a memorable impression by adding a FREE Video Introduction to your profile using your webcam. You can get more attention and member contacts. Your video intro will get you noticed faster. Record your video intro now!

View Popular Video Introductions by Korean Women
Below are Korean FriendFinder with the most popular video introductions as voted by members.

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Create your own Korean FriendFinder Blog !
Korean FriendFinder Blogs are a simple way to create your own regularly updated homepage about your life. They are a great way to find out more about other members' thoughts and to tell people more about yourself and your real life experiences with people you've met on Korean FriendFinder! You can read other members postings or start your own. There are a total number of 4,293 blogs with 42,718 posts by members up till now!
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Upload up to a max of 20 photos!
Can you believe it? This is really amazing and far supersedes other popular asian dating services and not to mention that is for a FREE account! Profiles with photos are viewed 10 times more often than those without photos so you can get noticed very quickly and find your ideal Korean friends.

What type of Relationships?

Korean FriendFinder is suitable for you if you are searching for pen pals / activity partners / friendship / casual dating / serious relationship.

Signing Up

2 quick and easy steps of registration

  • Step 1: fill up your vital information like username and email address korean FriendFinder registration
  • Step 2: Let others know a bit of yourself through introduction
    (Introduction Title is very important as it catches the attention of potential dating partners)
    Don't worry about making it perfect as you can update it later
  • Check your Korean FriendFinder login password in you email and you are ready to explore !

Ease of Use

Korean FriendFinder has a clean layout and very user-friendly features.

Search Functions

You can use the search criteria to find Korean FriendFinder members who match what you're looking for
You can search and browse all of Korean Friend Finder's 8,698,276 Active Members here

Flirting Online Features?

Korean FriendFinder Online flirting features are available for Gold and Silver members only. If you are a basic member, it is extremely frustrating that there is nothing you could do to show that you are interested in them unless you upgrade to the premium membership plans.

With the paid membership, you can send flirting emoticons such as Hug, Kiss, Smile, Wave and Wink to the member you are are interested in. However you could join in the instant messaging which has many female Korean personals ready to chat.


Chat Rooms
You can pick a chatroom by geographic region or by specific topic of interest. Examples for geographical region include 'The Korea Room' where it is for those who are interested in meeting people in Korea. Topical chatrooms include 'Living Room' where members can get to know each other in a relaxed place or the 'Romance Room'. If you're new, the 'Lobby' is a great place to get started. There's always someone waiting to chat with you!
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Korean FriendFinder Magazine
The Korean FriendFinder Magazine is unique in that it relies its Korean FriendFinder members for its exciting and very interactive content. Which means not only can you read the interesting articles, but you can become the editor by adding your own articles and also respond to those of others! Popular magazine categories with numerous articles include

  • Breaking Up Advice
  • First Dates
  • Relationship Humor
  • Building a Relationship

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Disadvantages as a standard Korean Friend Finder member
As a standard Korean Friend Finder member, you can browse all you want, but viewing members' profiles is extremely limited. You cannot initiate contact with others as communications are strictly for premium paid members only. You will be limited to view only thumbnails of members' profiles instead of full size members' photos.


Cupid Preferences
Korean FriendFinder provides the matchmaking feature called Cupid Preferences where you simply fill out a form indicating your match criteria such as body type,race, education level, martial status and whether your matches will want to have children. Korean FriendFinder will automatically notify you by email when a person matching your description becomes a member! You may turn it off at any time by changing your account settings. Fine tune your Cupid settings to hone in on exactly the members you're interested in.

Language of the site

Korean FriendFinder is available in both Korean and English which has the added advantage of making Korean Friend Finder bilingual. All links are translated, but most of the information submitted by Korean FriendFinder's members are only in English.

How much does it cost you?

FREE ! Yes it's true all the features mentioned above are provided to
all Free account members...it's truly amazingly and unbelieveable !

There are two types of membership
1) Free Standard Account
2) Premium membership: Silver and Gold

So what are the important benefits and advantages between Korean FriendFinder Silver and Gold Member?

Korean FriendFinder's survey reported that Silver and Gold members are 6 times more likely to find dating success than Free Standard members.

As a premium member you can view detailed member's information:

  • View as many photos and profiles as you want
  • Send email to anyone, any time (rather than "hoping" they come to you)
  • Get noticed first! Be on the top of search results
  • Perform "power searches" which let you narrow down your search to exact city - even by last visit date
Silver Member
Gold Member
  • View and Contact members
  • View and Contact members
  • Show up after Gold members in searches
  • Show up at the very top in searches and get more responses == Maximun exposure to Korean members
  • Contact new members
  • Be the first to contact new members
    == Communicate freely to those Korean members that you are interested in
  • Access members' recorded video intros
  • Get full Access members' recorded video intros
  • Partial access to blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • full access to blogs, groups, and magazine features
  • 24/7 phone support
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Access to extra large photos
  • Access to ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID's of members in your network


Korean FriendFinder is incredibly comprehensive and content rich. Registration and finding a match was a very quick process.

Korean FriendFinder also offers a wide variety of multi-media user interfaces such as blogs, instant messaging and videos which is impressive compared to others.

Although there are limited options unless you have a paid membership but if you can overlook this and see it as a springboard for making more Korean friends, Korean FriendFinder is a truly value for experience dating service.

Korean FriendFinder.com truly under promised and over delivers with quality content. Two thumbs Up !

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Korean FriendFinder.com review

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