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As Filipino women are naturally romantic at heart,
the most important thing to most Filipino women is to have a stable family.

This translates to having a loving husband and children. Money to filipino women is also important to them.

However when ask to choose between money and family, many filipino women will choose having a stable and loving marriage.

What are the expectations of a filipino woman?

In the perspective of a filipino woman, husband is expected to be the provider of her family.

As close family ties are highly regarded, courting men are expected to be respectful to their parents or elders.

What are the characteristics of filipino women?

Filipino women are part of the Asian culture where men are seen to be the dominating party. Due to the asian cultural influence, filipino women tend to be submissive in nature as compared to western women.

Filipino women are also more willing to sacrifice their career than family. However not many filipino women have the luxury of staying at home and looking after their children. Many filipino women are working overseas to support their families.

Filipino ladies are loyal, passionate and faithful to their husbands.

As the most of the filipinos are Roman Catholic, Filipino women are very religious.

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