Filipina Girls: How Filipina Women Choose Guy For Marriage

Most filipina women with less educated background from the Philippines countryside would look for a foreign man who is nice to her and financially stable. Filipina lady want someone who is dependable to lift her away from poverty. A Filipino girl prefer to look for older foreign men because they represent stability. Filipina woman want to start and build a family.

Filipino girls from wealthy families wish to seek a boyfriend that has same social status as her. The prospective boyfriend should have a university education, proper upbringing and excellent career prospects.

Skin color is important for a Filipino partner Filipina women like most Asian women choose skin colour as an important factor. Filipino girls has an infatuation with white foreign men because they believe white foreign men are more intelligent and financially rich. Filipino girls believe that if you have a darker skin you come from a poor family where people earn their living by doing manual jobs.

Caucasian men are highly desirable

Filipina ladies fantasize her boyfriend to be cute, candid, romantic, handsome and physically sexy. She would prefer physical features such as white skin, blond or brown hair and blue or green eyes.

Filipina women find foreign men who are fair skinned highly desirable. They are biased towards men with a Caucasian look who are half-Filipino/half American.

Good character is priority number one

Foreign men with character is number one in the list. On the other hand again, upright character is number one in the list. She will always accept character as a top requirement when choosing a boyfriend or spouse. Most favor straightforward men who are faithful and romantic towards filipina ladies.

Prefer older mature men

Filipina ladies in online dating services have a preference for mature men who are older, in view that they think they are highly financially dependable and mature minded. Another reason is because older man represent financial and emotional security.

Open-minded white foreign men

Filipino girls love white or American men who are more open minded about sex and everything about life. Filipina women adore their sense of unrestrained free and easy outlook about life. Foreign white men relaxed and unreserved nonchalance clearly infused Filipina women with a sense of liberation.

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