Filipino Courtship in Modern Times

In the past, there are a lot of courtship rituals in the traditional Filipino courting practices.

During the the period of Filipina courtship which may last as long as a year, a Filipina woman enjoy being showered with affection and attention from a suitor.

What is the main difference between dating in western countries and filipino dating?

In western countries, dating is perceived as an art form by men where the objective is to offer an occasion where he can be alone with the woman. However the Filipino way of dating is chaperon that is closely monitored by guardians.

Modern Courting Practices in the Philippines

Due to technological advances and the fast pace of life, the traditional way of Filipino dating are slowly being overlooked. Filipino women can now communicate faster and closer than ever before.

Filipino Mobile Courtship by Using Text Messages

Traditional styles of filipino courtship is replaced by the modern lifestyle of the 21st century. With the arrival of cheap mobile phones in the Philippines, "texting" is the way of modern Filipino courtship communications where a Filipina woman can be reached easily.

Why Filipino Women Likes to Use Text Messages?

Most of the Philippine women using mobile phones cannot afford unlimited talk time and using text messages is a cost effective method to communicate.

Through text messaging, many filipino women are able to nurture intimacy by flirting and seduction. It also allow Filipina ladies to express themselves more openly in a convenient and discreet way. This in turn open up more opportunities for suitable courtship to take place.

Empowering Filipino woman in the courtship process

Using text messages allow Filipina women to initiate a relationship that create a genuine romantic relationship for them. This modern-day style of Filipino courting allow younger Filipina girls to participate without interference from their parents.

Most of the time, text messages are used to determine the time and place for a date. Dating is one of the important stages in courtship where a Filipina lady find out whether a suitor is compatible for her or not.

Filipino Online Courting

Filipino online dating websites allow Filipina women to find their potential partner worldwide. Filipino matchmaking services and online dating services liberate Filipina women from the traditional restrictions that are placed on sexual and social behavior.

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