7 Killer Tips To Help You Write Emails That will Get Your Desired Woman

Today you will explore and implement the 7 killer tips that will help you write emails that will definitely not get thrown to the trash bin. You are getting these tips not from some dating experts but direct from the horses' mouth.

What do i mean, the horses' mouth? These killer tips are very valuable as they are compiled from numerous emails and surveys conducted with who else but WOMEN !

This cannot be possibly better then asking women about what type of emails from men they will respond to and what emails they dislike. This is your secret weapon. You can avoid the pitfalls that others have failed and go on to win your woman's heart.

1) Do not try and use pick-Up line in the email !
The following type of email 'Hi, my name is . I like your attitude. Tell me more.' Go beyond standard bar 'pick-up'lines.was found to be a turn-off for women and was laughed upon and hit straight to the trash bin. No wonder you are always complaining that no women is replying to your email eh?

2) Politeness is the key....
Another flop...'Hi, my name is Jack. Write back if you're not a liar or a thief'. Women has responded that they prefered to be considered a liar AND a thief than respond to this type of negative approach. So guys even if you don't like it, try to at least sound as polite as possible in your email.

3) Patience and Persistence.
We have discovered that women actually lead busy lives! She might be spending time in pedicure and manicure salon, pampering herself at the luxurious spa and body wellness club, doing some retail therapy (aka shopping) while making you wait for her reply. What a busy life for a women eh? So you wait awhile, then write back, mention about your first email, and please do not leave out the fact that you are really interested in her.

4) Essential Information.
Include your member id number or personal ad mailbox number in your email so that she can check out your description, makeover face shot and voice. If video introduction is available make it known to her, with all the effort you have made, she willl respond much sooner!

5) Don't Be afraid To Share More Information About Yourself
Share more personal information about yourself than contained in your ad. This is the time to get her attention and let her know more about you. The more she know about you, the more at ease she will feel and that makes your chances even higher, unless you got something to hide......

6) Write as Though You Are Speaking to Her
Do not be lazy and draft a single email query and send it to numerous women. 'Form letter' recipients are usually unimpressed by lack of effort, and you probably won't hear back from them. Speak directly to what she said in her ad. Note and compliment what you thought interesting, funny or entertaining. Tell her if you feel you meet all her 'qualifications' and why. She will definitely be impressed by your attention to details.

7) Act Like a Real Gentlemen...Or Even Better, Become One
A closing statement which conveys best wishes for happiness whether she chooses to respond to your email or not, speaks volumes about the sender. It may be the one nice thing she has heard all day, and enough to generate a response for you!

There are kind, caring, loving and beautiful women out there, and one of them might be waiting for her knight in shining armour and it might be you!

Please implement the 7 killer tips into your online dating scene and we look forward to hearing your success. If you permit, send your success stories to [email protected] and we will put in up here to inspire the others.

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