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If you are trying to meet filipina girls or find a filipino date, your search ends here. As there are millions of filipino dating services, you may feel lost in the choice of online dating services. Here you will find informative articles on Filipino courtship,Filipino traits,Filipino culture and honest reviews of major popular Filipino dating services.

Which places in the Philippines does filipino singles come from?

There are a high concentration of filipino singles coming from major cities like manila, cebu city, and provinces which include Central Visayas, Quezon City, National Capital Region, Central Luzon, Southern Mindanao, Western Visayas, Central Mindanao, Southern Tagalog.

Honest reviews of popular online Filipino dating services

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Filipino Culture

Discover and understand culture of Philippines before you even start dating
single filipino women. Do you want to learn to impress a filipino woman instantly?

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Filipino Courtship

  • Read successful stories of how Shaun and Virgie meet in and
    exchanged messages with Virgie. Shaun and Virgie were married in Davao city
    Philippines in May 2006.
  • Interesting dating articles that will help you greatly in the Filipina dating scene.

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Filipino Girls | Filipina woman

Here are some helpful articles to guide you in understanding characteristics of filipina girls. You should know about what they want from men and how to treat a filipina girl so that she will love you even more.

Understanding filipino women: their expectations and their characteristics

Looking for a Filipina Girlfriend: tips to help you win the love of Filipino lady

Where to find compatible Filipina women: 5 tips to guide you

Lonely Filipino girls working abroad: where to find them

Filipina girls: How Filipino women choose men for marriage

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Guide to finding Filipina bride : questions to ask yourself before marrying filipina girl


Filipino Wedding & Marriage Customs

So you have chosen your love of your dreams? Your Filipina girl and you have decided for long term future plans? Learn how to ask for your filipina girl's hand traditionally. Discover the Filipino way of wedding customs, Filipina wedding ceremony, the Filipino way of wedding outfits.

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If you are a foreigner and decided to bring your Filipina woman back to your homeland, you need to know how to marry your Filipino girl legally. How to apply for a Spouse visa or Fiancée Visa legal procedures.

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What are roles and responsibilities of a modern Filipino wife? Who hold the family purse strings? How does a working filipino wife juggle her family and worklife?

  • sexual equality for young filipina girls' education in the Philippines
  • status of a filipino woman in marriage and relationship
  • filipino wife: divorce in Filipino marriages

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