Filipino History

Filipino history is primarily based on the cultures of the various native groups,Chinese
and Indian cultures and is greatly influenced by Spanish and Mexican due to over three hundred years of Spanish rule.

Filipino Religion
The Philippines is a country with overwhelming numbers of Christians as a result of Spanish colonization spanning over three centuries. The customs and traditions are mainly of the Roman Catholic faith. Most Filipinos irregardless of native ethnic group are Christians. However, a significant minority of Filipinos residing in Mindanao and most of the Sulu Archipelago are Filipino Muslims which made up 5% of the population.

Filipino language
The Filipino language, more commonly known as Tagalog, contains many borrowed Spanish words.

Filipino Customs and Traditions
The Customs and Traditions of the Philippines are strongly influenced by its colonized past. The Spanish colonization of the Philippines, actually governed from Mexico, lasted for more than 350 years, thus Spanish and Mexican influence can be found in many walks of Filipino culture. The majority of people residing in the Southern island of Philippines practices Islam faith and they celebrate their own customs and traditions.

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