How does traditional Filipino Courtship work

Filipino women are obessed with the phrase :
"Bola Mahal kita, mahal kita, hindi ito bola."

Which means "I love you, I love you, I am not joking"

Now you have learn a very important phrase of the Filipino traditional courtship. But be careful, use it sparingly.

However deep down, Filipino women know that words are just - words. Nice to say and good to hear. This is the Filipino cultural attitude
to language, they are taught not to believe anything they hear.

How to prove your sincerity

Filipina women also knows that words are sweet and talk is cheap. So do not go spraying any filipina women you see with the phrase "Mahal Kita hindi ito bola".

She is looking for evidence of your sincerity, if you say you love her, then she will give you an opportunity to prove it, actions for a filipina woman speak louder than words.

So if you promised to see her in the Philippines, make sure you do just that; book a flight and see her.

If you did what you have promised, that is enough evidence for the filipino woman to believe that your love for her is true. The mere fact that you turn up to be with her reveal your love and intentions.

Home Run

The Home run is said to be achieved once the filipina girl has formally accepted your love. This is a reflection of love between the suitor and the dalagang filipina, the receiver of the love.

Once the affections and love is acceptable to her, the couple become Magkasintahan, that is the term for lovers.

Only after the filipina woman has accepted your affections and love will she consent to a full relationship which leads to her accepting a proposal for marriage.

During this period of time, whether a sexual relationship may begin depends on the individual filipina girl. Some of them will not consent to a sexual relationship until after marriage which still exists in some families. Family opinions are normally sought in this type of matter.

Tips to win your Filipina woman:

  • Do not bring your Western Style attitude to Traditional Filipino Courtship rituals
  • show that you are mindful of local traditions and can make positive adjustments to the Filipino culture
  • Filipino women are quite impressed with a nice bright smile, a friendly conversation and courtesy shown to all those around you
  • respect for Filipino women is very much appreciated

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