Chinese Dating Culture

Chinese dating culture is non existent and unheard of in ancient Chinese history. In the olden days of Chinese culture, marriage are pre-arranged by between parents of two Chinese families. Marriage was primarily a fulfillment of family obligation, a continuation of family line and observance of filial piety. However in modern times, Chinese dating is instrumental in nature as a way of selecting suitable marital partner and a prelude to marriage.

The emergence of Chinese dating

In the 1950s during the China communist revolution, a new democratic marriage law was enacted. It states that both parties must be willing and no other external force shall interfere. It was in this period where Chinese dating start to evolve.

During the 1980s, the communist party of socialist China influences the attitudes and behaviors when it comes to Chinese dating. Chinese culture central viewed dating as a way to seek fun or entertainment as immoral.

Due to the communist party's reform to modernize China, an influx of Western culture regarding dating, love, and romance opened up the floodgates and flowed into Chinese society.


Chinese dating stereotype

Chinese dating culture has been viewed to be highly suppressive of individual liberties and rights in the olden days. Chinese dating culture is passed down from generations therefore family plays a crucial role. However since the modernization of China, contemporary Chinese dating culture has become more open and liberal since 1990s.

Chinese men are seen as more supreme than Chinese women when it comes to gender issues. It is useless to boast about how many dating relationships you have experience.

Chinese dating social norms

Chinese considered the number of dating relationships that an Chinese adult has experienced as a indicator of the person's character and reputation. The more dating relationships he or she had means promiscuous, unchaste and immoral.

Chinese society has less tolerance for young adults who have numerous romantic dating relationships which are condemned by social norms.

Chinese dating patterns

As Chinese society frown upon their children in pursuit of sexual identity at a young age. it can only happened after high school graduation. Thus Chinese women and men tend to be reserved when expressing their emotions to their dating partners as they have less dating experience and confidence.

By dating only one person and eventually marrying that person is highly lauded as a high moral standard in Chinese society.



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