Chinese dating rules

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Chinese dating. However you must realize that Chinese women and men are brought up to values of obedience, honor of family, and respect for parents. Most of the Chinese parents were still able to exert their influence and authority when it comes to dating and marriage. Therefore you can avoid making things difficult for your Chinese dating partner by understanding more about Chinese dating culture.


Chinese dating rule number #1:
Date the whole family

You are not just dating a Chinese woman, you are dating the whole of her family. Remember that Chinese children are thought to respect their parents' decision no matter how absurd it is. Therefore if her parents dislike you, your chances of continuing the relationship is slim. So try to get into the good books of your Chinese dating partner's parents. A proper grooming always score highly in the eyes of Chinese parents.


Chinese dating rule number #2:
No sex before marriage

No sexual intimacy before marriage. Although the Chinese youth are exposed to western cultures, many are still conservative in nature due to the traditional Chinese emphasis on sexual restraint. It is up to individual couples to decide how far they will go in their sexual endeavors.

Pre marriage pregancy are strongly admonished by the Chinese society and seen as a disgrace to the whole family name. Parents may even go to the extent of disowning their children.


Chinese dating rule number #3:
Take control

Chinese women are brought up to be passive and submissive in dating. Any attempts or initiative to court men are seen as desperate. Men on the other hand are entitled to pick and choose the perfect Chinese woman in the Chinese society.

Therefore Chinese women like men to take control while she waits for men to court her.


Chinese dating rule number #4:
No serial dating

Although the behavior of serial dating may be found in the west, Chinese woman preferred men to stay loyal to them. Promiscuity and casual sex are deemed as immoral and degraded one's reputation. If you have many past relationships do not bragged or boast in front of your Chinese woman, this will lead her to have a negative view of you.


Chinese dating rule number #5:
No cohabitation

Cohabitation during dating are censure by the Chinese society. Although both partners may agree to cohabitation, most of Chinese parents still preserves an old tradition of sexual restraint.

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