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There are dozens of Free Chinese dating sites to choose from. However many of Free Chinese dating sites you find are fake where they give you a list of different dating sites other than Chinese dating services. If you are planning to find an Free Chinese dating sites that caters strictly for Chinese women and men, you should try and

Where to look for Chinese Dating sites?

For those who wants to find serious and sincere Chinese women marriage partners is just right for you. is an online mail order Chinese marriage where you could find verified Chinese women looking for marriage partners. All Chinese women profiles in are verified by 17 local marriage agencies in 13 major cities of China so that you have the assuarance that the profile you are looking are not bogus.

For those who are searching for Chinese dating sites you must go to, it is the number one Chinese Dating Site on the internet for those of you looking for that are looking for that special Chinese woman.

Real Chinese women and Chinese girls from China

What are the different Chinese Dating sites?

If you're interested in meeting people of Chinese background, you have many options. There are Chinese people who live in ethnically diverse cities or Chinese-American and Chinese who are brought up in China.

Most of Chinese dating sites fall into three categories:

  1. General Asian dating sites which you can serch for a specific ethnic background For examples Asian
  2. Online dating sites specifically for Chinese dating. They are primarily intended to connect Chinese women and Western men Typical example is
  3. Online dating sites in China. Only if you can read Chinese as most of them are in Chinese characters.

Create your personal profile in Chinese Dating sites

When creating your own personal profile in Chinese dating sites, you should be honest and truthful about your personal details. Chinese people from Traditional families believe dating the person with wrong background can bring disgrace or embarrassment to the entire family. To avoid unneccessary misunderstanding, you should be truthful about your personal background with the Chinese woman.

Chinese dating sites scams

Beware of the risks involved if you choose to sign up for other Chinese dating sites other than the recommended above. Many Chinese dating sites in China use photograph of Chinese women and girls which are false. Although there are no way to verify the authenticity of the Chinese woman member profile, the best thing you can do is to initiate an online chat with the opposite party. Most of Chinese dating sites have inbuilt instant messenger or online chat function.

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