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Free Chinese dating sites are the right places for people who are open to dating chinese women, chinese girls. However there are differences between the Free Chinese dating sites that you found in the internet.

Who are you looking for? Chinese women from China or Chinese singles?

Chinese people are everywhere around the world. In the past, many Chinese people from China emigrate to other parts of countries such as United States, Canada and South East Asia countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand.

Therefore you can find Chinese people everywhere and there are only a handful of Free Chinese dating sites that have members coming from China.

You should be aware of the difference between a real FREE Chinese dating sites and a Free Asian dating sites.

As many dating services will tout itself as a Chinese dating sites even though their members are Chinese from all over the world.

Typical generic Free Asian dating sites that have Chinese members include:

Real Chinese women and Chinese girls from China

Knowing the differences saves you time and disappointment in looking for the right Chinese woman partner and narrows down the options for you.

Beware of Free Chinese Dating sites scams

Although there are many Chinese women from China joining Free Chinese Dating sites membership. There are Chinese women who bait unsuspecting foreign males into sending money to them. Please bear in mind that you must never wire or transfer money to Chinese women over the internet even though they give you pitiful stories. If you must give, then you should personally fly to China to meet up with the Chinese woman to have a closer look.

Free Chinese Dating sites translation service?

Why do you need a Chinese translation service? The reason is because Chinese women from China tend to input Chinese characters in their membership profile description. If you do not know how to read Chinese characters, then you must know whether the Free Chinese Dating sites have the translation service. provide a direct translation feature if the Chinese woman member profile is written in Chinese character.

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