review is of the established dating and online personals site and is founded in 1995. offers many user-friendly features to make online dating easy, rewarding and fun, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran. The large pool of members increases your chances of finding your desired matches closer to home, and allows you to be as selective as you want to be when looking for matches on The list of countries in are shown below.

Austria | Belgium | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Portugal | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom

Asia/Pacific Region
China | Hong Kong | India | Indonesia | Japan | Korea | Malaysia | Pakistan | Philippines | Singapore | Taiwan | Thailand | Vietnam | Australia | New Zealand

Brazil | Mexico | United States/Canada Africa: South Africa

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Memberships numbers

There are total of 18 million active members worldwide right now and growing! That's a lot of singles for you to know! photo gallery

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What's really cool

Calculate your chemistry with your desired partner instantly
You can view and compare your profile with your desired partner's profile instantly. Try to find a partner that you can share 23 common items. Below shows my profile compared to a desired partner. We are matched 23 out of 24 items, talk about perfect match!

Tips: When you are entering your profile, make use of MatchWords? to help you score well with your desired partner.

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Upload up to 25 photos of yourself
Here is rather generous compared to competitive Asian online dating services where you can only upload one or two pictures of yourself.

Tip: To further increase your chances of dating your desired partners, you can try to upload recent photos that reflect your current interests. You can also add photos of your pets, travels, hobbies and your friends to help others know more about you thus increasing their affinity with you.

What really sucks

No video introduction profile of members really missed the boat this time. There are many competitive online Asian dating services offering Free members to view video profiles of other members, yet has not done so. charges you to view another member's video profile even if you are subscribed to service.

Video profiles are interesting to watch as you can hear and see members that you are interested in a more intimate manner.

What type of Relationships? is suitable for you if you are searching for pen pals,
friendship, romance dating but not marriage!

Signing Up

Although signing up is a bit lengthy, you just have bear it to explore the site as soon as possible. So the solution is to answer quickly as you can save and amend your profile later on. has three optional profiles: the basic, physical attraction and personality profile, all of which are free. The physical attraction and personality profile took almost an hour to complete. Although some may find the profile setup a bit lengthy, the questions were thought provoking and worth your effort and time (ie it will help you to score highly in the chemistry test. So take your time and speak the truth about your profile.

There is one segment called "Love it or Leave it" where you are asked questions about your date. Some of the interesting ones include Skinny dipping, Body piercings.

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Ease of Use is extremely rich in features, although many of those features will cost you extra money beyond your subscription. The results provides are very clean and well organized.

Search Functions various search functions:

  • Matchwords?
    MatchWords? help you quickly find someone who shares your common interests. Think of them as "keywords" that describe who you are and what you're like.
    Search through millions of profiles by typing in a MatchWords?. You can search for one or more MatchWords? by simply adding spaces between each word. matchwords

    Here's one useful secret:
    Find out the Top Ten MatchWords? for both men and women in

    Here's a tip, though. When typing in more than one word, use quotes. For example, when I searched "yogar" (and didn't use quotes), it returned results about yoga and yoga mediation. But when you use quotes around your search term then it searches for that specific match. takes this feature further by allowing you to designate and age range, location range, and whether to only return results with photos. This is a perfect way to find people near you who share a major passion. For example, let's say you love salsa dancing. Type in "salsa dancing" as your keyword, set your other parameters and soon you'll be presented with profiles of people near you who have specifically mentioned salsa dancing.

  • Custom
    It is pretty easy to search for your desired partner in a particular country. There are the standard search criteria where you can select age, location and right down to how many kilometers radius within your desired country.

    Also there is only neat thing about Customised search, you can keep customizing or specify the radius of your search in your intended city and country. search
  • Saved Search saved search

  • Username username search

What functions does it have for Flirting Online?

"Wink" feature are free so when you think you are interested in them, you can click the 'Wink' feature and the opposite party will be notified. wink feature


Email Communication
As usual for online dating sites, you have to subscribe to a monthly fee in order to communicate with your desired partner.


Find Your Perfect Match by

  • Mutual Matching
    Find members who will share a mutual attraction with you based on the details in your profile.
  • Reverse Matching
    Discover who's looking for you in one simple click.

Some of couples that found their love through,

Lisa and Darren

I work in the medical profession with female colleagues and my job means that I move around from town to town, these two factors combined created a difficult environment to meet people.

Darren is a shift worker and has a great group of friends but discover that that finding suitable women are limited living in a small town.

For Darren it was his first time internet dating; I was his first choice and first date and now we are getting married! Darren emailed me first and we continued to email for a while before finally arranging to meet. After one date it was like we had known each other for years.

I truly believe internet dating is the single best method to bring people of any age together either for companionship or a life long commitment. As long as you are honest with what you write about yourself and who you want to meet you will find a match.

Darren and I would NEVER have met even if fate was trying its best to bring us together....sometimes fate needs a little helping hand called!


Language of the site has English and multiple language interface depending which country you reside in.

How much does it cost you? offers a variety of subscription packages and discounts to meet the diverse needs of its members. A basic, one-month subscription costs $29.99.

So what are the benefits and privileges of a subscription packages?

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