Dating Korean Women Advice

What are the pro and cons of dating a Korean girl? Although you can't really generalize an entire race or ethnicity, here are the advice from real life experiences.

Korean women expectations

There are many reasons why Korean women find foreign men attractive. First let's look at the traits of Korean men that they dislike:

  • Korean men are patriarchal and rigid
  • Korean men are self-conscious and don?t say, "I love you" or "You?re pretty"
  • Pressure of marriage in a relationship with Korean man

What Korean girls like about foreign men is that they express affection openly and attentive. Foreign men almost never talk of marriage so there is no pressure on the subject of marriage.

So if you are a foreign man looking to date a Korean girl, just be yourself and you will be fine.

Korean women characteristics

Before going into a relationship with a Korean girl, you should at least know the differences in their way of expressing and managing dating situations.

Korean women are shy

Korean Women do not like to show their affection in public. You will hardly ever seen couples holding hands, kissing, and hugging in public spaces.

Korean women are submissive

In general, Korean women tend to be submissive due to their traditional culture whereby men are look upon as the dominating partner. They are brought up in a way that women should act in a delicate manner. When they smile, for instance, they tend to close their mouth with their hands.

Korean women are proud of their heritage

Korean women and men hold their national pride, because there are many aspects of the culture they are proud of. Example education, hard-work, Korean food, beautiful geography, topography and comraderie.

If you really want to get into the good shoes of a Korean girl, just say this three magic words:"I LOVE Kimchi"

Korean women prefer white males

In fact Korean women are racially biased when it comes to dating. When selecting foreign boyfriends, there?s a tendency to be prejudiced in terms of race or nationality.

If you really like to date Korean girls, you have to be 100% respectful and approach them with some knowledge about Korea's culture and language. Korean girls love it when guys do that.

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