Korean Courtship Stories

Korean courtship stories are one of many from the wave of Korean immigrants in the 1970s. This is a short story about a Korean couple's views of Korean dating and marriage and their adventure in seeking out a life in United States.

Yumi is a typical Korea woman who was born last in the family and all her other siblings were already married off. Yumi had just graduated from college and her parents were planning to move to America. In Korea, a single Korean woman is unheard of in those times therefore she was desperate to get married.

Korean arranged marriage

Yumi and Lee met through the formal Korean matchmaking called Seon. It's not the same as other Asian culture matchmaking where they force them to get married.

Yumi's parents were involved in the process. Initially, Yumi's parents ask their network of friends if there is anyone available and then set it up. Yumi went on fifty of Seon meetings before she met Lee.

Lee was introduced to Yumi by a family friend and they dated for two months before getting married. Soon Yumi was pregnant and Lee left for United States to seek a better life.

Korean marriage views

Korean think that their life's happiness depend on who they marry. Marriage in Korea is not just a matter between a Korean man and a Korean woman but a merging of two families.

For Korean women

Marriage is definitely a lot more important than a Korean woman's career. A Korea girl have to marry a Korean person and marry someone with her same education level.

For Korean men

Korean men are more focused on their career. There is a huge pressure to be married by a certain age. Once that age is past, it?s as if Koreans are on fire sale.

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