Korean Dating Culture

In this Korean dating culture article we will explore the relationship between a foreigner and a local Korean.

The term 'dating' is very different from a Korean perspective.

Dating is unlike in the western countries where it is a casual social event to mix around with the opposite sex. If one of the parties are not comfortable, you can call it off anytime you want.

However Korean dating has a whole new meaning which you might feel offbeat

  • Koreans don't date, they have relationships
  • after the first date, it is naturally assumed that the Korean man and the Korean woman are now in a relationship
  • first date is actually a sequel to a set of group dates

Korean dating misunderstandings

If you are an expatriate looking to date a Korean woman, it is better to understand and prepare yourself for the differences in Korean dating so as to avoid misunderstandings.

  • guys are expected to pay for everything during dates
  • a Korean woman will naturally bring her best friend along to become her chaperone and advisor
  • when parents are involved in arranging dates, marrriage is almost certain
  • you do not talk about SEX openly during conversation

Foreign men might find it cumbersome when you have to entertain two female instead of one during the first date.

if you are hoping to pickup Korean girls then you are badly mistaken. Korean ladies feel uncomfortable to meet and date strangers.

It is common practice for friends, superiors or parents who introduce between couples.

Korean girlfriend to accompany other men after work

Another common practice in Korea is to drink after work. If you have a working Korean girlfriend, it is not unusual for her to accompany business associates or co-workers for dinner and drinks past midnight.

This is perfectly normal and it's almost mandatory for co-workers or business associates to perform this obligation.

Unlike in the west where a woman hanging around with some men at a bar with live music and drinking might raised some red flags.

What is acceptable for a Korean dating couple ?

How Koreans conduct their social life and what is acceptable for a Korean dating couple especially if you are a foreigner.

Couples holding hands, wearing matching outfit is a common sight. This is to show their affection and closeness to one another.However public display of affection is frown upon by the society.

Men are expected to carry their girlfriend's handbag

This is one of the way to show themselves as attentive and thoughful. This form of behavior maybe derived from helping to carry their shopping bags.

Don't be amazed by hordes of Korean men carrying their girlfriend's handbag on the street.

Views of Korean dating from Korean women

Korean women would want to avoid being labeled as loose woman or unkosher. There some behaviors which are against their social norms.

  • a kiss on the first date is unacceptable
  • if a woman shows up on a first date without her friend, she is considered to be a bit sleazy

how long a couple had to be dating before a kiss on the cheek the first response was from 1 week to 2 months

Korean interracial dating views:

Although Korea is a modern and developed country, typical Koreans are less tolerant of interracial couples.

Some of Korean men felt so embittered even to the extent of saying western men who date with Korean girls are "stealing" their chances of dating Korean women.

Korean parents discourage interracial dating

Parents encourage their children to marry ethnic Korean because of their strong cultural roots. It will be extremely difficult to communicate and get along if both parties do not share the same values and the same language.

Korean women prefer dating Korean men

Most of the time, Korean women prefer dating Korean men simply because they are wary of the cultural barrier they would encounter when they date an expatriate.

Furthermore, a Korean woman dating a foreigner may be the subject of bad gossip and speculation. Many Korean girls could not handle the social stigma.

However these days, many Korean women are curious about dating a foreigner because some feel stifled by the rigid rules of Korean society.

A handful of Korean ladies would like to be more adventurous in their love life. want to experiment with other philosophies and ways of thinking.

Korean women in their late 20's and 30's would experiment dating with foreigners because Korean men view Korean ladies with such age as over the hill.

Sucessful stories of dating between Koreans and Westerners blossoming into marriages are happening.

Korean dating lingo

In Korea, when a big group of friends (males and females) go out together to socialize, these are called meetings.

Blind Dates

Blind dates are very common in Korea. When Koreans become of marriageable age, their parents or relatives will try to set them up on blind dates.

Now you know why there are so many coffee shops around town is because that's where people typically meet for a blind date.

Blind dates are also referred as 'soghe-ting'. It's a term combining the word "soghe" which means "to introduce" and "meeting".

Is physical intimacy allow during Korean dating?

Due to cultural differences, gestures and expressions of physical intimacy might vary between Korean and western countries.

A goodbye kiss is regarded as a common gesture in western countries however a kiss on the first date is censured by Korean ladies.

Generally speaking, Korean women concede that sex is normal during a long-term relationship. Their definition of long-term relationship mean one year or longer.

"Sarang bang" or love motels are everywhere in Korea. These are motel rooms which are rented by the hour.

Korean dating for One Night Stand?

If you hoping to score one-night stands in Korea nightclubs then you will be fairly disappointed. This sort of thing rarely happen in Korea.

Koreans considered chatting up and dating strangers rather awkward. The reason is because it is often their superiors or parents who matchmake them into dating couples.

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