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Courtship is the process of selecting and attracting another for an intimate relationship such as love, sex, commitment, living together, marriage, and having children, or any combination of these. Courtship may last days, months, or even years and some of the lovers that met through online dating sites happens to be love at first sight. Some of the partners even fly to the native country of their lovers to visit them personally.

Important ! If You're Thinking of Marrying a Thai lady, You Must Read This
There is this thing called Thai Dowry system, known as the 'Sin Sodt'. Traditionally, the groom will be expected this it's for your own good.....

Here you will read successful stories from lots of couples that found their love through online dating services eg, through and many more.

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"Thank you so much for making dreams come true"

Like most men i was a little bit sceptical about using these sites,but sometimes you have to take a risk,so i did,and have never looked back,although i was'nt a member for very long it has all come true for us.

thai courtship image2We started e-mailing and sending pictures to each other and after a few months i travelled to thailand 2004. I was only there for 3 weeks but at the end we both felt the same about each otherand decided to get engaged,i was so relieved her parents accepted me and gave their consent.

we have kept in touch with letters,
phone and sms and i have been back
to visit several times

on october 2006 we got married,it was beautiful ceremony at her home and are now waiting for her visa hopefully there will be no problems with it and it wo'nt take too long.

thanks for all that you have done in making it happen, would highly recommend this site to everyone

yours sincerely
a very satisified customer

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