Thai Women Dating Golden Rules

When it comes to Thai women dating, many are clueless about Thai culture and social norms. As there are huge differences between Western and Thai cultures there are bound to have misunderstandings and comparsion. Here are the golden rules for Thai women dating if you want to score highly in the eyes of a Thai woman.

Here are the Don'ts:

  • Don't ask every Thai women to bed after your first date. Thai woman are conservative in nature unless you are socializing with Thai bargirls.
  • Don't arrive late on your first date with your Thai women
  • Don't criticism on Thai, Thai people and thai woman are especially proud of their country. Or else Thai woman won't understand why you chose to like a Thai woman in the first place.
  • Don't invite every Thai women you meet to a bar/disco on your first date.
  • Don't misunderstand when your Thai woman date bring her friend along on your first couple of dates. This only shows that she still need more time to warm up to you.
  • Don't compliment excessively about her otherwise your Thai woman date will think you are a casanova, a la don juan..
  • Don't visit your Thai woman parents' home if you are not taking the relationship seriously, Thai women doesn't want to lose face if you leave her.
  • Don't buy your Thai woman date chocolates, since many thai women are conscious about their weight.
  • Don't be a serial complainer and whiner. What Thai women want is a happy contented man
  • Don't dress like you stay along the streets, Thai woman wants to feel proud of you when they are in your prescene.
  • Don't tell your Thai woman date about your conquests in Bangkok, Phuket, Patpong or Pattaya. She might think you will be back to your tricks in no time.
  • Don't spout profanity in front of your Thai woman date. Unlike in thewestern culture where views are liberal, Thai women would prefer a polite gentleman.
  • Don't be temperamental Thai women would not want a cantankerous snappy gentleman.
  • Don't be a pretentious braggart in front of your Thai woman date. Many of them are exposed to western influence and would have heard it all before.

Some of things you can say or do when you are going on Thai woman dating

  • Do realize that if your Thai woman date calls you it means she has a liking for you.
  • Do invite your Thai woman date for lunch and a movie on your first date.
  • Do buy your Thai woman date small inexpensive gifts from time to time, it's the though that counts and your Thai woman date will know that you are thinking about her.
  • Do be well groomed, your Thai woman date wants you to smell and look nice.
  • Do ask your Thai woman date about her parents, she wants you to care about them too.
  • Do ask to carry her bag for her, she likes a gentleman. Do speak well about the Thais and her country, she's proud of her country.
  • Do invite her to make merit at the temple, she'll certainly love that.
  • Do try and not smoke or drink too much, she cares about you health.
  • Do realise that Thai girls are very close to their family and.....
  • Do realise that to get into a serious relationship with a Thai means getting into a serious relationship with the whole of her family, she wants them to love you too.
  • Do realise that dating with you is a serious thing for her.
  • Do realise when you become her boyfriend your Thai woman date will be thinking about getting married one day.
  • Do realise that if she sleeps with you, you can be absolutely certain that she is thinking about marriage. With exceptions of Thai bar girls and prostitues.
  • Do realise that if your Thai woman date takes you to meet her parents, you must know that it is the first step to getting married in Thailand.
  • Do realise that your Thai woman date enjoys doing your washing/cleaning etc.., she wants you to know she will make a good wife.
  • Do realise that if your Thai woman date asks and cares about your health, you can be sure that she likes you.
  • Do realise that in most Thai women dating, Thai woman would prefer a guy that seriously love her to an unfaithful guy with loads of cash.

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