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Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. Other influences
include trade with Southeast Asian neighbors such as Laos and
Myanmar and also influence from Chinese immigrants.

Thai religion

Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country, with minorities of Muslims
in the south, Christians and other religions. Influences from these
traditions can still be seen in the present day. Buddhist shrines

Thai language

Standard Thai, otherwise known as Central Thai or Siamese is the official language of Thailand and is spoken by about 25 million people (1990).

Thai Customs and Traditions thai culture bow

One of the most distinctive Thai customs is the wai, which is
similar to the Indian namaste gesture. Showing greeting,
farewell, or acknowledgment, it comes in several forms reflecting the relative status of those involved, but generally it involves a prayer-like gesture with the hands and a bow of the head.

Physical demonstrations of affection in public are common between friends, but less so between lovers. It is thus common to see friends walking together holding hands, but couples rarely do so except in westernized areas.

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