Thai Dating Culture

Thailand dating culture and customs varies from area to area. Thailand dating culture and customs are tied closely to the Thai society.

How do Thailand people date?

When a Thai couple is dating, Thailand people expect a spouse to respect the partner's family. As family is highly regarded in Thailand dating culture you do not just date your partner but practically the entire extended family.

What are the social expectations of a Thai dating couple?

thai dating culture coupleAs a large part of the Thai society is underprivileged and poor, when a man is courting a Thai girl, her family will expect the man to be financially secure and able to provide for the whole family not just the Thai lady.

After the first few dates, if the Thai couple decide to go serious, the Thai lady will bring her partner to meet her parents or brothers and sisters where bread and butter issues ranging from marriage dowry are discussed.

What are the Thai dating culture rituals?

In Thailand dating culture rituals, the man or the Thai woman is generally free to choose their own partner unlike certain Asian dating customs where marriages are prearranged by parents.

In the Thailand dating rituals, the Thai lady make sure that her partner satisfies all the expectations. Dates are used to test the upbringing and behavior of her prospective partner.

Do & Don't during Thailand dating culture rituals

The Thai dating partner should be an active listener. During dating Thais often do not express what they are really feeling and thinking explicitly unlike in the western culture where people are more open minded.Thai women expect the partner to read her nonverbal cues.

It is not appropiate for a Thai dating partner to talk straight when there are more subtle and gentler ways to express. It is also in bad taste to make a partner lose face over an argument in public. Thai people are not loud and would avoid their display of love or arguments in public. Even if you are sitting at an adjacent table, you may not be able to comprehend anything said by the Thai couple, while they would have covered all the subjects under the moon. Occasionally, if any of the partners feels upset over any issue, the other party has to understand through nonverbal clues only.

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