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Why are thailand women, thai women and thai ladies dating farang expat men. There are a lot of single or married farang expats living in Thailand. Most of them come to live in Thailand due to their work. A lot of decent Thai ladies are not interested in dating expat farang men.

Why are thai ladies dating farang expat men?

sexy thai ladies dating farang western The real reason is some of the Thai ladies coming from poor rural area of Thailand are desperately clamouring for western men as they hope by marrying farang expat, they can get out of their poor situation. Because of the widely misconceptions about thai ladies, many farang expats tend to believe Thai ladies are all bargirls and desperate young thailand women looking to marry any foreign men.

Due to low cost of living in Thailand and most farang expats are highly paid executives who can afford a nice lifestyle in Thailand. The fact that farang expats are a minority in a foreign land, they tend to attract the attention of pretty thai ladies even though some of the expats are old and obese. Which farang expats may not get the attention back in their homeland.

Most farang expats feel they are superior because of the attention they get and behave badly towards decent Thai ladies. Many of them feel like living in a dream dating paradise, with many pretty thai ladies, cute thailand women, attractive thai women to ogle, pick, choose and chase.

Thai women politeness

Because Thai women in general always try hard to be polite on the surface, many expat farangs can often misinterpret the attention they get from pretty Thai ladies. A Thai lady may be thinking that the expat appears a nice and kind person, or perhaps she is noting how fat he is and doesn't want to make him feel bad. In many cases, the farang may be wondering if the girl is interested in him and how she would look naked.

Many western men are attracted to the highly visible sex trade in Thailand and not realize that Thai culture is actually far more conservative than in the west. Although attitudes towards dating and sex are changing in modern Thailand, many Thai ladies prefer to stick to traditional Thai culture and customs when dating and limit physical contact only after marriage.

Decent Thailand women

There are also respectable, well educated Thai ladies from good families. These Thai ladies are constantly looking to find a decent man who can love them and develop a serious relationship that may one day lead to marriage. The expat farang's career and expat lifestyle may be a consideration for the Thai ladies who will want to know that her potential suitor can live up to the expectations of her family.

And if a expat farang maintains a good impression of charm and kindness, a thai lady may think this a more appealing combination than having a relationship with a Thai man who can make openly keep a second mistress and have regular visits to massage parlours.

Thai ladies' dating nightmare

Thai ladies dating a farang expat man is lined with potential problems. The ratio of cute Thai girls is higher than expat farang men in Thailand. Every day when a expat farang man leaves his apartment, he will be swarmed with a sea of beautiful Thai girls, at work, at restaurants and slick hotels where he hangs out. While the Thai girl might be thinking that the farang man who is check her out might be a candidate for 'Mr Right' the farang might in turn be thinking that she is a candidate for 'Miss Right Now'.

There are many stories about farang expat man geting bored with his current Thai girlfriend, he simply meets another Thai girl that he finds more cute. That is why there is a phrase describing expat single farang men in Thailand, "butterfly". Like a butterfly which flirts from flower to flower to pollinate, expat farang men play around, cheat and simply move on to pursue the next pretty thai girl.

The truth is many farang men come to Thailand thinking about one thing - sex. Bangkok Phuket and Pattaya are branded as the sex cities of South East Asia. It is hard to shake off in the minds of many westerners and it will stay for many years to come.

It is for this reason that Thai girls need to tread carefully when dating farang men. Some farang men in Thailand may well be Princes, but a large number are frogs.

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