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A common Thai marriage custom called Thai Dowry system, known as the 'Sin Sodt'. In this traditional Thai marriage custom, the groom will be expected to pay a sum of money to the bride's family as a act of goodwill to compensate them and to demonstrate you are financially capable of taking care of their daughter. Sometimes, this will be returned to the bridegroom after the wedding has taken place.

Unfortunately, some Thai families may abuse the 'Sin Sodt' especially when the groom is a foreigner and may demand unreasonably high sums of money. The unwitting foreigner might pay a princely sum and later realise his mistake when he gains a better understanding of Thai marriage culture. In other cases, the Thai family might not ask for any dowry to be paid, in an effort to build bridges and understanding across cultures (as many western men will express their distaste at paying a dowry).

As cross cultural marriages involving westerners are becoming more common, a great deal of misunderstanding may arise. The issue of the Sin Sodt will often lead to the breakdown of a relationship as the groom may feel that he has been taken advantage of, when in fact he hasn't.

Understand the Thai marriage culture fully before you are ready to commit and such unneccessary misunderstanding could be prevented. This also help you be mentally prepared to avoid culture shock.

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