Thai Marriage Traditions

There are many Thai mariage traditions and customs to adhere to once you have ask for marriage of your Thai bride. In most of part of Thailand, the groom is expected to give dowry money to the bride?s parents. Most of the time the groom negotiate with the Thai bride's parents or elders in her family.

Before Thai marriage traditions

thai marriage traditions image 02The groom is also expected to buy gold and jewellery for his Thai bride. It?s not just one set of rings but a series of jewellery which include rings, a bracelet, necklace and ear rings. These jewellery must be of nearly pure gold.

The Thai groom is expected to buy a new set of suit and a new pair of shoes for the Thai marriage ceremony. If the Thai couple were to buy a new house, the groom would need to buy new furniture. For a new wedding couple in Thai marriage traditions it is also require to buy new linens, new rice cooker and new set of crockery.

First Thai marriage traditions

If the Thai bride is of Chinese origin, the wedding couple must pay their respects to Holy House, the temple of the Maitreya Buddhist sect. Maitreya Buddha is usually known in the west as Happy Buddha. When the day of the wedding arrived, the Thai wedding couple will go to a temple early in the morning with gifts of food for the monks. The first ceremony of the Thai marriage traditions consist of kneeling, standing and kneeling again in rapid succession to pay their respects to the Maitreya Buddha.

Thai ceremony procession

thai marriage traditions image 01There will be a parade where the Thai wedding couple gather in the crowd of guests and the procession began. The groom will proceed with the Thai marriage procession to the Thai bride's home. Cheers from the guests would sometimes pierced the air.

Two of the women in the Thai marriage traditions parade will carry symbolic plants; sugarcane and a small banana tree. The parade will be boisterious accompany by the crowd cheering and the banter of small gongs.

Thai wedding couple will proceed for the traditional northern Thai ceremony.

The traditional northern Thai ceremony

The traditional northern Thai ceremony is normally held in a room where it is ornately decorated. This is where the altar is situated. The Thai bride parents will be seating in front of the altar.

thai marriage traditions image 03The Thai wedding couple will be kneeling in front of their parents on the floor. This is a mark of respect towards the Thai bride's parents. The ceremony often start with a elder speaking to the guests. Following two women began negotiations with the women holding the sugarcane and banana plant. The sugarcane was meant to provide luck for a happy marriage. The banana plant symbolize for fertility. The negotiations were carried on as if it were a serious affair. The groom had to pay to the Thai bride's parents in terms of dowry after the negotiations were complete.

After a bargain had been struck for the plants, the Thai groom is expected to present the dowry to the Thai bride's parents. Sometimes Thai families will add their own savings to the pile to impress the guests. The money and the gold jewelry were placed in separate bowls adorned with flowers for presentation to Thai bride's parents.

Thai marriage traditions: The Chiang Mai ceremony

thai marriage traditions image 04The Chiang Mai ceremony began with thai bride's parents tying a silk cord around the groom right wrist and also to the Thai bride. At the same time they blessed for the Thai couple future happiness.

The guests also tie silk cords around the Thai couple wrists and give their blessing. At the same time, the guests also pour water over the Thai wedding couple wrists to wish them happiness.

Thai marriage traditions: Reception dinner

The guests are invited for the reception dinner and floor show. The Thai newly wed are expected to make rounds to each table. It is a Thai marriage traditions for guests to give red envelopes containing money. In Thailand money gifts in red envelopes are usually given in lieu of wedding presents.

After the ceremony, the bride?s parents usually but not always give half the money back to the newly wed couple.

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