Dating 4 Types of Korean Girlfriends

If you are into K-Pop korean kraze and would like to meet Korean girls, you may wish to know that there are 4 types of stereotypical Korean girls.

The Princess Korean girlfriend

The princess Korean girlfriend is pampered and live in the ivory tower.  The Princess Korean girlfriend is more likely to invest in Korean make-up to maintain her gorgeous looks.

The princess Korean girlfriend likes her boyfriend to pamper her and shower her with love. Memorable events like 100 days, first kiss anniversary are important to her. She does not care much about what is happening around the world or interested in foreign culture. She would like to spend her time with her boyfriend close buddy girlfriends only.


The Ultra Conservative Traditional Korean girlfriend

Ultra Conservative Traditional Korean ladies are desperate to search for her ideal husband. She is most likely to come from a traditional family and dresses conservatively.  Ultra Traditional Korean ladies are not the kind of hot and wild sexy Korean girls you can expect from the clubs.

The ideal husband should be from the upper strata of the society and comes from a rich family. Dating with a foreigner is out of the question as her parents will surely object to the marriage. Her self-imposed criteria of getting married before the age of 30 years old is a time bomb waiting to explode.

She has strong Korean family values which into family over individuality, conformity over rebellious and will behave and conform to what society expects of her.

She is curious about all things western. Foreign culture is a siren call and she is game to try foreign food. However she will not date a foreign white boyfriend as social stigma are strongly attached.

The Foreigner crazy Korean girlfriend

Some Koreans girls detest everything about Korean culture and is hardcore about everything western. The foreigner crazy Korean girl will seek a foreign boyfriend. When she see a white foreigner male, she will be very excited. Her physical body maybe living in Korea but her heart lies in the western world.

You can see from her Korean make-up and Korean fashion sense, however deep down inside she hold western values, ideas and thinking. She is more comfortable with her foreigner friends than with her Korean friends.

The Rebellious Korean girlfriend

Korean girls that are rebellious hate to conform to the Korean Confucian values. She is like a fish out of water in Korea’s homogeneous culture. You can spot her miles away from the way she dress. The rebel Korean girlfriend will change her hair color, have tattoos or tanned look.

You will find these type of Korean girls in clubs that have foreigners. The rebel Korean girlfriend would not care what others think about her.

Most Korean ladies you meet are a combination of these stereotypes.

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How China Chinese Women Behave

If you are a foreign man looking to date a China Chinese woman, it is better to understand the dating situation and Chinese culture to avoid frustration. Things you should know before dating a Chinese girl raised in China.

Why Chinese woman dating foreign men is a huge risk for her

Most traditional Chinese men will immediately eliminate a Chinese woman as a potential future spouse if he learnt that she had a former foreign boyfriend, even in the absence of sexual intercourse.

First of all Chinese men do not want Chinese woman who have lost her virginity. It means that he is seeing someone who is unpure “rejected goods” and represent a loss of face.  It is even worse if a Chinese girl have slept with a foreigner.

Most China Chinese men will not accept a Chinese woman’s past relationship with a foreigner. The reason is because Chinese men will find the girl has become too open minded and liberated for him to handle.

Chinese women who have dated foreign men will have to continue to date foreign men because they have been eliminated from the dating pool. Unless she kept it a secret from her friends and the relationship is not publicised, she will either remain single, marry a foreigner or an older Chinese man.


How a Chinese woman show her love

A typical Chinese girl, from an affluent family will act accordingly in public, she will give “face” to her future husband. That means when in social situations like family or friends gathering, she will not argue with him or yell back at him.

However back in the house, she is the boss. She will tell him what to eat and what to wear and he will have to listen to her. Please be advised that this is a very common and typical attitude among educated and middle-class Chinese women.

Some foreign men may be shocked at these type of controlling, domineering behavior.

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Dating Filipina Model Girlfriends

What is so great about dating a filipina girl? Many filipino girls know how to cook and had a good job (most of them are nurses). Filipina women are staunch catholic however they are also notorious for saucy in bed.

Why Filipino girls are more desirable than western women

Philippine women believe in marriage, love and togetherness unless western girls who treat marriage like a love game. Although western women make the marriage vow ” Till death do us part”, they could not last beyond the first marriage and always end up in divorces.

Filipina girls believe in ‘We’ and ‘Us’ and not ‘You’ and ‘Me’. Filipino girls make great wives and mothers, they are loyal, faithful, loving people, any man would love having for a wife. So long as they are faithful and loving, men will never have problems with them.

Unlike western women who strive for independence and career-minded, Filipino women will take care of her children and make sure her husband is well taken care of.


Filipino girls are more open-minded than Asian women from other countries. Many filipina women are willing to give a try to date non asians and to marry outside of their race.

Filipino girls are often self-critical and maybe the reason is because of low self -esteem. However most of them have slim, petite nubile bodies to die for. Most of foreign men have a preference for non-white female with long lovely flowing dark hair. Filipina girl’s lovely smile will surely melt your heart away.

Filipina women are accommodating

Filipino woman would try their very best to find ways and means to make their marriage working. Filipino girls generally fall for men who can provide them with economic security, love and companionship.

If you really want to take things up to the next level, you need to go over there in the Phillippines. There are many honest filipino ladies who are sincerely looking for love and marriage.

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Dating Desperate Chinese Single Women

There are now many affluent Chinese single women who are willing to do whatever it takes, even going to Beijing singles club in a bid to avoid being term as one of China’s “Leftover Woman” status.

What is Leftover Chinese women?

The new social phenomenon which is unique to China, is one of China’s so-called “Sheng Nu” which literally translate to “Leftover Woman”

The term,”Leftover Woman” is derived from a phenomenon in Chinese society which affects hundreds of thousands of urban women who are highly educated and financially independent.

“Leftover Woman” appears in China’s official dictionary and refer to “all single woman above the age of 27″.

Why single Chinese women are desperate for dating

Many single Chinese women are desperate to meet a man before she hit the dreaded cut-off age. The reason is that Chinese men in China prefer Chinese woman who look youthful. Chinese men do not want a woman who is over 30 years old. It is important for them that she is still young and pretty.

Many single Chinese women are under societal pressure from her colleagues, parents and friends to get hitched before the dreadful cut off age. Compounded by China’s one-child population control policy, which adds to the desperation of parents for their only offspring to marry and produce a grandson.

A widely publicised survey of 180 million single men and women in China in 2010 by the government-backed All China Women’s Federation revealed that 92 percent of men surveyed says that a woman should be married before the age of 27 years old.

What are single Chinese woman dating standards?

The new generation of single Chinese women do not want to compromise when it comes to marriage. Many single Chinese women are well to do and live alone.

Singles Chinese women do not see the need to lower their standard and expectations in order to get married. That is why there are thousands of single Chinese women hoping to find a husband who can share things in common, but who is also in a better financial situation than her.

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Dating Filipino Girls Are Easy

Many foreign men will find Filipino girls are easy going and very friendly. It is easy to find Filipinas girls online and some may find filipina girls ideal for marriage.

Why are Filipino girls so easy

Many women from developing countries such as the Philippines, Thailand look for a man that will be able to support them financially and for security. Many Thai and Filipino women would be happy to marry a guy who will be able to improve their lifestyle and increase the standard of living for their families.

Asian women especially filipino girls and Thai women have the reputation as ideal wives because they know how to pamper her man and make him feel like a king !

For example, she will be the stay-at-home mum and take care of the children, cook for you, and make you feel comfortable at night. Foreign men may find all this attributes very special, however to Asian women , these roles and responsibilities are part and parcel of a woman’s job.

Compare to a working western woman who yearn for individuality and freedom, Asian women appears to be more submissive which all men in the world love to have.

However not all Asian women are sluts or will “worship” a white male.  Asian women also demand to be respected.

Filipino girls prefer foreign men

Filipina girls prefer foreign guys because they are more interesting and appear to be more financial stable.

The bigger cities for example Manila are abundant with pretty filipino girls. One thing you will need to keep in mind is that the filipino dating culture and the way they go about relationships and casual flings are very different from your country. However filipina girls have the ability to make you fall in love with her easily.

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