Online Dating Korean Girls in Korea

If you are a white foreign man who is interested in dating Korean girls, you will be surprised by the overwhelming attention that you are getting from the native Korean girls and women. You will be elevated to ‘Rock star’ status and can expect to have the hottest korean girls that go crazy over you.

Tips on dating Korean women

You have to differentiate those Korean girls who are dating you just to practice English and those Korean girls who are simply infatuated with white foreign men. Most of Korean girls are ultra conservative but there are some Korean women who are as open-minded as their western counterparts.


There are some unwritten rules when in comes to Korean dating and you need to know if you want to be successful in dating Korean girls.

  • Open display of physical affection is taboo during the first few dates and Korean girls expect you to take the first move
  • When dating a korean girl, expect to give more attention to her as Korean girls are more needy than western women who are more independent
  • just be yourself as your westernized way of thinking and manners are what Korean girls like about

Reason why western men are popular among Korean girls

The fact that you are a foreigner makes you a star. It is just because you have westernized features, speak differently from them. People likes something that is different and your westernized features == Appealing.

However the majority of Korean women still prefer Korean men when it comes to marriage so the attention that you are getting is just a passing phase or novelty that will wear off.

KoreanCupid is a free Korean online dating website that features real Korean women and korean girls. You will be surprised that some of them really looks like K-POP stars eg SNSD aka Girls Generation

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How Chinese Women Choose Dating Partners

Due to China’s rapid economic growth and the soaring divorce rate over the past ten years, Chinese women in China dating and marital preferences have changed significantly.

What Chinese women want

Chinese girls are searching for stability and dependability in a future spouse. A partner who is committed to her for the long haul. Chinese girls want a man of good character and balanced temperament who is not going to cheat on them or leave them in 15 years for a younger woman as soon as he can afford to do so.


A man’s profession which translate into future earning potential and education are the first two information Chinese women would like to know before dating. Chinese girls would place profession and education as more important than physical appearance when it comes to dating and marriage.

The  importance of education is deeply ingrained in the cultural norm and the Chinese believe that a man should be better educated than his girlfriend or wife.

Chinese girls consider faithfulness, dependability and honesty more important than his sense of humor, kindness and romanticism.

How do Chinese girls express their interest in you

Physical displays of affection are relatively uncommon in conservative China. If a Chinese girl expresses verbal affection to you, eg, “I miss you,” or displays any physical intimacy eg, holding your hand, rubbing your shoulder, etc, you can safely assume that she already view you as her future husband.

A sure-fire way to confirm that A Chinese girl is quite serious about you is when you learnt that she has spoken to her mother about you. As a rule, Chinese girls will not discuss any man they are seeing (not even with their girlfriends) unless she have decided that this is the person she want to be with.

If you are not serious and does not have marriage in mind, it is advisable not meet her family. The reason is because if a Chinese girl invites you to meet her family, this symbolise a formal announcement of engagement in the West.

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Thai Online Dating Tips

Now it is even easier to make new Thai friends or Thai dating partners around the world. Two popular and largest FREE Thai online dating sites are ThaiLoveLinks and ThaiLoveLines.

How to begin using FREE Thai online dating services

You can begin your quest for a Thai dating partner by joining as a free standard member first. A quick tip is to start by viewing the Search, Gallery and online lists.

Use the Quick Search and Gallery to view other members of ThaiLoveLines or ThaiLoveLinks. You will be surprised to see that there are thousands of attractive Thai ladies who have uploaded their photos to these Thai online dating services. You can click on any profile id and see the member’s online profile and pictures.

Attract more Thai ladies by uploading your photo

It has been proven over and over again that online dating profiles with photographs received an increased response compared to non photo profiles by over 200%. Many Thai ladies members will not respond to profiles where a photograph is not shown. If you are not willing to show your face, it means that you got something to hide.

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Difference between Thai marriage agency and Thai online dating site

Most of Thai online dating sites let their members take charge of the dating process and are in control at all times. There are many Thai ladies who use ThaiLoveLines or ThaiLoveLinks to find long term relationships.

You must be able to spot Thai marriage agencies who merely masquerades behind an internet website. These marriage agencies offer travel packages and arrangements to meet Thai ladies.

Thai online dating services offer Thai singles who can meet Thai locals and foreigners for friendship, relationships and possibly marriage. There are many Thai singles that use ThailoveLines for social networking and friendship. Thai singles on ThaiLoveLines or ThaiLoveLinks are particularly interested in meeting a foreign partner online.

Research conducted by ThaiLoveLines shows that 56% of Thai women on Thai online dating site would be very interested in meeting a foreigner while 35% have a preference to meet a Thai local.

ThaiLoveLines is an international dating site that particularly caters for foreign men and women in every country who seek love in Thailand. Additionally many of ThaiLoveLines members have shown a preference for a foreign partner. In recent times, however, more local Thai have also begun to use for local dating.

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Online Dating Filipino Ladies

Filipino ladies in general are very nice people. Most of them are hardworking, generous and kind. However you have to be careful in filipino online dating and do not rush things until you know her for at least a period of six months to one year.

Take your time so that you are able to think clearly when you are going to pursue a relationship. Do not rush into marriage with the first few filipino girls that you met online. Do not wire or send any money to any filipino ladies online for whatever reasons that they give you.

What are the qualities of a Filipina woman

Filipinas ladies can be a very dedicated lover and they are loving,hardworking. Filipino woman would make a good wife and a very caring mother to their kids. This is due to filipino culture and strong catholic religious upbringing.

Filipino woman would try their very best to find ways and means to make their marriage working. Nowadays filipino girls generally fall for men who can provide them with economic security, love and companionship.

Where to find and chat with filipina girls?

It is preferable to take your time and take things slow by chatting with filipino girls online and getting to know them better. Chat with them or talk using phone lines. It is highly recommended to try the largest online dating FilipinoCupid below

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You will find many filipina women with webcams ready to chat online.

It will be even better if you have filipino friends in your country who could introduce you to filipina relative or friends in the Philippines. One of the advantages is that you would at least know her background like family situation, education etc…

If you really want to take things up to the next level, you need to go over there in the Phillippines. There are many honest filipino ladies who are sincerely looking for love and marriage.