Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 1

Many marriage minded Muslims would love to know where to chat “LIVE” online with muslim singles around the world. There not many muslim matrimony dating sites that adhere strictly to Islamic principles. However claims to be the largest Muslim matrimonial around the world.

What type of Muslim singles can you find?

In, you can find different muslim singles such as Sunni-Hanafi, Sunni-Shafi`i, Sunni-Maliki, Shia or even just converted single Muslims. There are so many free Muslim matrimonial ads from all over the world that you can surely find a Muslim marriage partner.

You can also find Middle-East Arab Muslims from Dubai and there are also sub categories for those who are Indian Muslim, Pakistani Muslim, Singapore Muslim, Malaysian Single Muslims, Indonesian Muslims.

Why is trusted among single Muslims? has emerged as a leading, safe and secure Matrimonial site by having unblemished track-record, hall-mark of genuineness and success results of matching thousands of Muslims singles every year to find the life partner of their choice within the shortest time possible.

The Holy Qur’an has in so many verses pointed out the different purposes of marriage

Why you should choose Nikah to find your Muslim marriage partner?

Nikah is an muslim matrimonial website exclusively dedicated to the cause of Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. Nikah provide easy access to a large database of Muslim singles. There are thousands of Matrimony profiles of Muslim brides and muslim grooms. More than thousands of successful muslim marriages stories are told by Muslims around the world.

You can also be assured of total privacy for your security and confidentiality and it is cost effective for muslim matrimonial service that bypass traditional Muslim marriage brokers.

Meet thousands of Pakistani, Bengali, Arab, Indian, Sunni or Shia Muslims. Click below to try for free  – the halal choice

Facts about Oversea Filipino Women Workers

Due to rapid globalization, there are estimated total of 2.0 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) deployed all over the world from 2008 Survey conducted by the National Statistics Office.

Now this is the important fact; Of the total 12.8 million employed Filipino women in October 2006, around 3.5 million Filipino ladies are single. For those who are seeking lonely Filipino women singles who are working in the Philippines, this mean that there are plenty of opportunities for you.

Facts about Overseas Filipino women workers

There are more employed Filipina women who have attended or finished college compared to employed Filipino men.  Out of the 2 million Overseas Filipino workers in 2008:

  • there are estimated of 968, 000 female Filipina workers who are aged 25 to 34 years

Almost all of Overseas Filipino women workers comes from Luzon, CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon), NCR (Metro Manila) and Central Luzon.

Click picture above to find beautiful filipino girls

Click picture above to find beautiful filipino girls

Where to find Overseas Filipino women workers

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Hongkong are the top three countries that employed Overseas Filipino women workers. Of the total 968, 000 female Filipina workers, 16.5 percent were in United Arab Emirates, 14.4 percent in Saudi Arabia and 11.4 percent in Hongkong.

For men who are living in United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Hongkong, there are many Filipino women who are lonely and homesick, waiting to be showered with love.

Highly educated overseas Filipino women

  • Filipino women who are considered basically literate (who can only read and write) estimated at 26 million (90 in every 100women), higher than filipino men at an estimated 25 million (87 in every 100 men). This fact is evident in the elementary and high school completion rates where females were consistently higher than males.
  • Filipino women with numerical skills (functional literacy) were estimated at 25 million (86 in every 100 women), also higher than filipino men with numerical skill estimated at 24 million (82 in every 100 men).
  • Filipino female graduates accounted for 56.61 percent (149,246) while males accounted for 43.39 percent (114,388). Most of them are in Business Administration, medical, education and teacher training.

Professional overseas Filipino women

The percentage of licensed professional filipino women was higher at 57.72 percent than male licensed professional (40,922 vs. 63,547). Among the 63,574 filipina women professionals include;

  • Nurses accounted for the highest percentage at 43.27 percent (27,495)
  • Professional Teachers-Elementary Level at 43 percent

If you are thinking of dating highly educated Filipino ladies, look no further than, one of the most popular Filipino online dating services.

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Where To Find A Good Thai Girlfriend

There are many definitions of a “Thai girlfriend” – some are looking to learn Thai by having a Thai girlfriend, some are serious for the traditional Thai girlfriend, others are merely looking for fun and sex pleasure.

What is your definition for a good Thai girlfriend?

Good luck to you if your definition for a good Thai girlfriend is a companion for your business trips cum pleasure, then these so called part time “Thai girlfriends” are available 24/7 in those entertainment districts, Thai discos, Thai bars.

There are plentiful of Thai girls willing to be  in a relationship with you especially if you are a western foreign men. However you have to be on your toes and filter out those who are merely aiming for your money.

If you are serious about committing a relationship with a traditional Thai woman, love happens around every corner in Thailand, so you just need to patient and cast your love magic spell.

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Click here to meet Thai girlfriends online

Where is the best place to find a good Thai girlfriend?

Searching online is the best way, many western men have met their Thai girlfriend online. You do not need to speak Thai to meet and get the right Thai girl, as most of Thai women can speak and write simple English.

The most popular website for searching a Thai woman for relationship is It is highly recommended to upgrade to a platinum membership so that you can chat freely with Thai ladies online.

To increase your response rate from Thai ladies, you must make sure that you post photos up for your online profile. However you need to be careful though, there are some Thai bargirls that use this site strictly to get money from foreigners, but common sense will prevail and you can easily tell the difference between the good Thai girls from the bad ones.

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Filipino Girls Chat Online

There are a few online Filipino dating services where many Filipino girls and filipina women gather together to chat with each other for free. Some of these Filipino women are working abroad and in order to keep in touch with fellow Filipina friends back in the Phillippines. Therefore if you want to chat with Filipino girls online, you need to be socially active and join them.

Where to chat with Filipino women online

Free online chat services like Filipino FriendFinder offer Instant Messenger, you just need a webcam or a microphone to start your online chat with them.

Learn how to utilize the free features such as video introductions, and using FilipinoFriendFinder Instant Messenger – these great tools should help you find your true filipina love.


Filipino FriendFinder will make your search for filipino ladies easy and fun

  • Access complete filipina women profiles, including a member’s self-description and what they are seeking in a partner
  • Watch video introductions, which can be so helpful in determining chemistry and compatibility
  • Initiate email – an important step in beginning a new relationship

How to get 5 times views on your online profile

Record a video introduction, and get up to five times as many views on your profile! One of Filipino FriendFinder most popular site features, member videos help your profile come to life and connect with other filipino members.

Save money by connecting worldwide with Instant Messaging Center

Filipino FriendFinder helps you to connect with new people from around the world without the hassle of international calls. Using Filipino FriendFinder Instant Messenger is fun and fast way to chat with filipino women from around the world.

If your computer has a webcam, you can even see the filipino member you are talking to in real time. If you don’t have a webcam, considering buying one – they are inexpensive and easy to use. Turn on your microphone and you are tap into the  electronic highway: voice, video, and IM.

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