How China Chinese Women Behave

If you are a foreign man looking to date a China Chinese woman, it is better to understand the dating situation and Chinese culture to avoid frustration. Things you should know before dating a Chinese girl raised in China.

Why Chinese woman dating foreign men is a huge risk for her

Most traditional Chinese men will immediately eliminate a Chinese woman as a potential future spouse if he learnt that she had a former foreign boyfriend, even in the absence of sexual intercourse.

First of all Chinese men do not want Chinese woman who have lost her virginity. It means that he is seeing someone who is unpure “rejected goods” and represent a loss of face.  It is even worse if a Chinese girl have slept with a foreigner.

Most China Chinese men will not accept a Chinese woman’s past relationship with a foreigner. The reason is because Chinese men will find the girl has become too open minded and liberated for him to handle.

Chinese women who have dated foreign men will have to continue to date foreign men because they have been eliminated from the dating pool. Unless she kept it a secret from her friends and the relationship is not publicised, she will either remain single, marry a foreigner or an older Chinese man.


How a Chinese woman show her love

A typical Chinese girl, from an affluent family will act accordingly in public, she will give “face” to her future husband. That means when in social situations like family or friends gathering, she will not argue with him or yell back at him.

However back in the house, she is the boss. She will tell him what to eat and what to wear and he will have to listen to her. Please be advised that this is a very common and typical attitude among educated and middle-class Chinese women.

Some foreign men may be shocked at these type of controlling, domineering behavior.

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