Chat With Thai Women in ThaiLoveLinks

There are many Thai women who list on online dating sites and actively seeking out soul mate who can take care of them. One of the most popular Thai online dating services is Before you embark on the journey of finding Thai love, you need to understand Thailand women.

Understanding Thailand women and Thai girls

Thai women are conservative by nature and Thai culture has a profound effect on a Thai woman’s behavior. Thai women are under constant and tremendous social pressure to appear chaste and modest at all times to avoid being labelled as desperado.

Thai women do not like to hurt other people’s feelings, so she will tend to be indirect or drop hints or even smile away her displeasure even though deep down inside her heart, she is fury with rage.

Chat with Thailand women and Thai girls

One the reasons ThaiLoveLinks is so popular is because it is FREE to join and there are thousands of REAL Thailand women online who are ready and willing to chat with you.

You can easily chat online with Thai women with a laptop, a webcam and internet connectivity and you are ready to shoot. After you have login to your member page, you can see at the top left corner with the blinking icon that will show the number of Thai members online.

At time of publishing, there are at least 1752 thai members online, ready to chat with anyone with a ThaiLoveLink account.


To chat with free standard members like those Thailand singles women above, you must first upgrade your membership. Or if you do not want to upgrade now, remember that you can always chat with Gold or Platinum members for free.

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Chat With Cute Chinese Girls in Asia FriendFinder

Asia FriendFinder is one of the largest online dating services specifically for Asians or those who are seeking Asian friends around the world. There are as many as 5,289,296 Asian members in Asia FriendFinder, accurate at time of publishing. You can meet your ideal Chinese women in Asia FriendFinder

How to attract attention of Chinese girls in Asia FriendFinder

Invest a little time in keeping your profile current. Just spend a short time periodically to check your email, update your profile and you will reap the rewards many times – more attention from Chinese women. Here are some things you might add or revise to your Asia FriendFinder online dating profile:

  • add your hometown location: you might meet someone raised in the same place  and there is the opportunity to strike up a online conversation
  • Edit your Cupid Preferences: the more selection you choose, the more Asian members your Cupid Report will feature
  • Add photo album: upload some of your vacation photos and show Asian women the other side of you


How Asia FriendFinder can help you in your search for Chinese women

Asia Friendfinder gives you an established Asian community in which to you can pursue your interest in Asian women.

  • you can meet other members instantly in Asia Friendfinder online chat rooms
  • Asia Friendfinder Instant Messenger is FREE and provides a fun and easy communication with Asian friends around the world.
  • Save money as you are chatting via the Internet, you avoid long-distance charges while enjoying the high-tech fun of video, audio, and text.

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As a Asia Friendfinder standard member, you can get to enjoy all of the above features for free !

Use Advanced Search functions to locate your right ideal Chinese woman. You can upgrade to a Silver membership which will enable you to find people from a specific ethnic group, those who speak your language, or live close to you. You can also search by Personality Type and screen out listings without photos and save the search for later use.

How To Really Win The Heart Of An Asian Girl

Asian women have so many alluring aspects that captivate numerous men. Oriental beauties have big doll eyes ( not stereotypical slanted eyes), porcelain skin, petite body frame, long silky straight hair that continue to beckon for your attention. Below are some Asian women dating tips .

Dating an Asian girl: What you should NOT do

Asian women hates men who just assume that since she is of Asian roots, she will be either a Chinese or Japanese. It will reflect badly on you and show how socially inept you are.

Before making yourself look dumb in front of her,  do some research on Asian history. If you cannot differentiate between Asian countries such as China and Japan, then you must be a frog living in a well and deserved to be shunned by Asian women.

China and Japan are two different countries. Due to early migration of Chinese immigrants from China, there are also Asian women of Chinese descent in other South East Asian countries. You can find:

  • Thailand women of Chinese descent in Thailand
  • Filipina women of Chinese descent in the Philippines
  • Vietnamese women of Chinese descent in Vietnam
  • Chinese women of Chinese descent in Malaysia

Yes these Asian women have fair white porcelain skin texture unlike their native counterparts.


Do not put on an act in front of her

Please do not show off by impressing her with information you know about her country. It may show that you have done your homework however what she truly want is know more about you.

Dating an Asian girl: What you should do

  • Respect their views and cultural traditions

Many Asian countries have distinct cultural norms such as South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam. Asian girls would greatly appreciate that you respect their traditions and views. Understanding their culture is an necessity, do not be a racist and cast your biased tinted views on her.

What Asian girl truly want from you

Most importantly, you must come across as sincere or she will most likely interpret you as some flirt waiting to pounce on Asian girls. Let your real personality shine through your online conversations and your manner of approach.

But do not expect her to be direct and straight forward like any other western girl. Asian women are brought up in such a way that they do not admit their feelings easily and when she like someone, she is more likely to drop hints rather than a direct confession.

A traditional Asian girl looks for a man who is honest, faithful and can provide a stable lifestyle. Click below for some Asian Chinese online dating sites that you can explore to find suitable Asian girls.


How To Have A Happy And Successful Muslim Marriage Part 2

The first five years of a Muslim couple are the most challenging of in muslim matrimonial. This is the critical period where a Muslim couple adjust to each other’s habits and personalities whether they like it or not.

Try to do Islamic activities together

Establish your own lifestyle and rituals as a Muslim couple. A schedule helps in setting time aside for each other during fast-paced environment.

  • make time for one prayer together once a day
  • attending a Muslim religious study circle together once a week

By deliberately setting up these rituals, Muslim couples will learn how to communicate with each other. They will learn to become close to each other instead of two people living in the same house leading separate lives.
making a phone contacting during the day

Exposing each other’s dirty little secrets

Young married Muslim couples are notorious for not keeping secrets within themselves, especially related to sexual matters.  By talking freely with your Muslim friends about your spouse’s faults, it only show inconsiderate restraint and this is seriously not only unacceptable, it is very unIslamic (harem).

If there is misunderstanding between each other, Muslim couples should seek to hide each other’s faults from the public. As the saying goes: “Do not wash your dirty lining in public”.  They should seek advice on marriage problems from a “marriage mentor”, someone who is older, wiser, trustworthy and has the best interests of both parties at heart.

Dealing with in-laws

Husbands, wives and in-laws need to practice the Islamic rules of social relations with each other. UnIslamic things to avoid: sarcasm, backstabbing, abusive name calling etc. A young Muslim couple should make a special effort to respect each other as family members.

Comparisons need to be avoided, since every individual and every couple is different. Muslim men should not compared their wives to mothers and sisters. Husbands should not be compared to fathers and brothers. In-laws should not be compared to parents, etc.

In addition, there should be regular, healthy communications between spouses and in-laws. This can mean visiting each other at least once or twice a month, or calling if distance makes it difficult to get together.

Where to find Muslima women for dating or marriage?

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How To Have A Happy And Successful Muslim Marriage Part 1

Muslim marriage is a serious commitment for those Muslim brothers and sisters who are searching for marriage partners in muslim matrimonial online services. Muslim marriage is a never ending complex relationship that needs constant nuturing and excitement to keep the marriage working.

Express your feelings freely

The secret to happy muslim marriage is not to be afraid to say what is on your mind. Speak out your unexpressed frustrations to your muslim partner. When you accumulated frustrations it can quickly turn into resentments. Holding resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Resentment will slowly eat away at your marriage.

Be open and hold honest communication with your muslim spouse. Treat your spouse with diligent respect and you can wave these crucial “clearing the air” moments goodbye.

Do not hold unrealistic expectations of your spouse

Before marriage, many people often expect their spouse to be perfect in everything that they do.  However this will not be possible in real life and will create  unnecessary tensions between you and your muslim wife. You should know that Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, created humans as imperfect beings, which means that we will make many mistakes throughout our lives.

When you allow imperfections and see your spouse as they are truly are, be forgiving and you will be truly surprised by the results of contentment and peace.

Try to spend good quality time together

In this fast paced working world, most of muslim couples are busy with their own separate tasks and they tend to forget to spend good quality time with their spouse. Muslim marriage needs constant nurturing like watering the plants in your garden so that the plants can bloom and flowered.

It is not enough to share meals and small talk together. Good quality time may be anything from having a quiet, profound conversation to going for a nice long nature walk, to sharing a special hobby or project. Both spouses should enjoy each other company.

Where to find Muslima women for dating or marriage?

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