Thai Bar Girlfriends Tricks

Why do so many foreign guys leave their common sense and their intelligence at the airport when they arrive in Thailand? Charming, cute, petite Thai bargirls, these beautiful petite girls attract so many foreign men to Thailand. Common nightspots in  Bangkok or Pattaya are Patpong, Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza or Walking Street.

How to avoid becoming a statistic of Thai bar girlfriends

If you can remember one thing only : do not ever fall in love with Thai bar girls.  These Thai bargirls are offering a service, they are offering sex for money ie they are prostitutes. Do foreign men fall in love with prostitutes back in their home country? The answer is an obvious no.

These Thai bargirls are strictly in the job for money and do not delude yourself that she like you for love and the sex. Do not be fooled by their honeyed words as they have practiced the perfect answers to your questions. For example, when you ask if she will like to go back to school, she will reply that she will sign up for computer class or upgrade herself if she can get out of the sex trade.

Why Thai girls become prostitutes

Many of them have dozens of reasons on why they chose this line of job. Most of these Thai bargirls are in the business to support her parents who might be poor farmers and have huge debts they cannot repay. For the poor and uneducated, it is not easy to find a high paying job like bargirl that pays more than 4,000 Thai Baht per month.

Some of them have Thai boyfriend that makes her work in the sex trade, or she need to support her drug habit and the list is non exhaustive.

Thai bar girlfriends tricks of trade

Internet cafes are the places of trade for Thai bar girls. Thai bar girls are using translating services even though they may not know English. 80 Thai baht for translating emails from foreigners to the Thai bargirls and 100  Thai baht for composing her Thai replies into English.

How to avoid being ripped off

Do not be so foolish enough to believe her sob stories and send money via Western Union. If you really insist on marrying a Thai bargirl,  do not put the house and car under her name. In Thailand, you cannot own the land which will be in your Thai girls/wife’s name, but you can put the house and car in your name.

This act as a backup in case relationships turn sour. If she really loves you, she would not mind all these financial benefits. There are many classic cases where the foreign men married a Thai girl and become penniless after being stripped of everything after divorced.

Do not build your house in the village of your girl, because if things turn sour you will not want to live there as their close families are around and the stigma is obvious. Choose a place you want to live and build a house with her.

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