Review Part 4

Let’s browse through ThaiLoveLines member’s control centre and explore what’s available. Honestly speaking, the layout in ThaiLoveLines member’s control centre is so cluttered and confusing that you will be lost.


You can view ThaiLoveLines member profiles galleries just by clicking the search bar on your left or you can see under “Who’s Online Now” which is a much faster way. There are other modes of viewing which can really make your head spin like crazy:

  • By Quick Search – Male or Female
  • By Men’s or Women’s Galleries
  • Go to Who’s Online to chat
  • You can also view those online available now for Chat Online.

To view any individual profile that you are interested just click on the member’s photo, name or ‘find out more’ option to open up the profile page. Here are some ThaiLoveLines’ free membership tools to make your online search for true love easier:

  • Invite members to your social network by going into their profile
  • Send a flirt message to any member
  • Tip a friend about a member


The most useful feature is the online chat function however unlike other Thai online dating sites, you need to upgrade to a Premium Membership so that you can do the following:

  • Make a Date with a particular member to chat online
  • Chat, Phone and SMS using Skype
  • Chat using Instant Messenger
  • Add them to your favorites list
  • Rate them as ‘hot’ – Meet your Match

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Why Do Asian Women Like Foreign Men

Why are Asian women attracted to foreign white men like bees to honey? What is this “phenomenon” about? This article attempt to explain the various reasons why Asian women like foreign white men.

Asian women in this case means those from southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Philippines, South Korea. We are not talking about educated Asian women who have live, work or study in western countries as they are more open-minded and less conservative.

“Visa” attraction

It takes two to tango and it is fairly obvious to those who booked fully chaperoned marriage packages to Thailand, Philippines, visit a-go-go bars in  Phuket, Bangkok. The Thai girls and filipina women you attract are those who are looking for fat wallet / green card / marry for visa.


Post colony hangover

It is still relevant in this age, Asian especially women have been so deeply ingrained about foreign white men that they represent money and status.  For cosmopolitan countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, the stereotypical views are less apparent.

A polite word to describe this “phenomenon” is called respect otherwise it is known as prejudiced; putting white foreign men on the pedestal is the undeniable fact that is still running through Asian societies.

Thailand girls and Filipino women

For those coming from poor and less educated families, there is a general belief about western men that they are all rich and they can live a luxury life once they catch one big fish. They want somebody reliable to take them away from squalor and poverty. Yes, not all Thailand women and filipina girls have such stereotypical views, at least not the affluent ones .

Skin colour seems to be an important factor especially in the Philippines. Most still have the perceived beliefs that if you have darker skin you come from a poor family where people earn a living by doing manual labor.

South Korean women

Korean culture dictates that the daughter-in-law must serve many obligations including doing things for her mother-in-law. It would seem enticing for a South Korean woman to get a foreign guy without being chained to the cultural shackles. Also South Korean ladies prefer exotic foreigner as they are perceived as more caring than Korean men.

Characteristics of foreign white men

Foreign white men especially Americans are easy going and laid back. Their relaxed and unreserved nonchalance clearly infused Thai ladies and filipina women with a sense of liberation which they could not find back in their own country.

Now you know why you are always mobbed when you are either a tourist or an exchange student in Thailand, The Philippines or South Korea.

But who will complain about their newfound popularity among Thai ladies, filipina women when they are given the cold shoulder by women back in their own country?

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Why Japanese Women Are Slim And Thin

Unlike western women in the developed countries, most of the Japanese women are generally skinny. Below are some of the reasons why  Japanese girls are slim and thin.slim-japanese-woman

Why Japanese women prefer to be slim

Due to peer pressure, the trend for Japanese young women who are in their 20s are likely to be thin compared to American women where obesity rates have doubled since 1980.

As Japanese society operates largely based on how one fits into the society comfortably and unobtrusively, this  behavior totally differ from Western societies where individuality is celebrated.

There is a huge amount of peer pressure to conform and the pressure on Japanese women to stay slim is tremendous.  So much so that Japanese women are extremely critical of their friends’ weight and they monitor each other closely to see how slim they are.

Japanese girls’ misconception about overweight

Japanese women and teenagers always think they are very fat where in fact their daily calorie consumption are often 60% of an average adult’s actual energy intake.

Media influences Japanese women

Japanese media, magazines, billboards featuring images of gorgeous, very thin women from the western culture bombard Japanese women daily. Young Japanese girls are heavily influenced by American pop culture.

A bit about Japanese women

Japanese women have the belief  that wives should be full-time homemakers whereas only Japanese men should hold a job.  Young Japanese women are marrying later and the stigma is becoming less for those staying single. However those who marry are having fewer babies. The Japan national birth rate is 1.34  per couple in 2007, one of the lowest in the world.

Where to find slim Japanese women online?

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beautiful-japanese-women Review Part 3

In this ThaiLoveLine Review, you will see how ThaiLoveLine’s Instant Messenger gives you realtime chat and audio video communication. What makes ThaiLoveLine stand out from the rest is that you can even chat on the phone for FREE using SKYPE with ThaiLoveLine online members.

ThaiLoveLines Instant Chat Function

With Chat Online you can view members who are available for IM Chat right now online and instantly connect with them for live chat, AV or even free phone calls. However this is a premium feature and you have to pay $19.99 for a one month membership.

  • Thai women members that are currently available for chat or instant messaging with you online
  • Use Skype to communicate with members who have a Skype button
  • Open a chat window in the your member screen and begin a live conversation. You can also use audio visual facilities by connecting to a webcam


When you see the ‘I’m Online/Online’ balloon, simply click on it and you will be brought to pop up connection page.

It is important that you wait for the other person to ‘connect’ with you on the other side. You must type a message into the box to activate the connection for the opposite member. The system allows you to chat one to one with the other member, to see their photo and to click a button to view their profile as  if you are talking with them in person. Communicate live and make new friends instantly.

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