Dating Vietnamese Girls Advice

If you are going to date a Vietnamese girl online, it is better to understand the Vietnamese culture and values so that you can have a clearer picture before committing yourself in a serious relationship.

Vietnamese social values

When you marry a Vietnamese woman, you do not marry into her entire family. It is different from other Asian women such as Filipina women where you marry her whole family. When a Vietnamese woman get married to a Vietnamese man, she marry into his whole family. Obligations such as taking care of his elder parents as if it is her own are part of Vietnamese social values.

If you are highly educated and financially affluent, find a woman who has a similar education level as you so that she is able to take care of herself. Then you will not have to marry her whole family.

Vietnamese family culture

The most notable things are the importance of the family and respect for people who are older than you are. Family ties are strong in the Vietnamese culture. You have to know your place in a Vietnamese family; elder comes first eg when you are eating at a dinner, you have to wait for the elder to start eating before you can start.

One of the weak point is that Vietnamese people like to meddle in other people’s affairs unlike Western culture where people like to mind their own business.

Vietnamese girls marriage

There are many poor Vietnamese families who would want their pretty daughter to marry a foreigner if they think it will benefit them. Search deep and explore their motives before committing yourself. There are dozens of Vietnamese village ladies waiting to marry foreigners and Vietnamese bride tours are common in the villages.

Modern Vietnamese girls

Younger and modern Vietnamese girls are now more independant and open-minded especially those living in big cities such as Ho Chin Minh. Modern Vietnamese girls are not bound by restrictive iron rules or tradition like in the past anymore. A Vietnamese girl can decide to have sex with the one she love and trust, unlike traditional rules that she must stay virgin before marriage.

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How to have unlimited chat with Vietnamese girls

You can contact as many Vietnamese girls as you like by upgrading your membership to either gold or platinum. This is far cheaper than hiring Vietnamese marriage brokers and you can get to choose your ideal Vietnamese woman.


By chatting and getting to know more about your potential Vietnamese marriage prospects, you can be confident that you will make the right choice and decide whether a prospect is suitable for you.

Be active and initiate contact with other members by clicking and sending them a ‘Show Interest’

  • Send interest to members:
    Click here to learn how to send interest –>

Advantages of upgrading in

A membership upgrade on gives you much more benefits such as :

  • there is no limit on the number of members you can contact
  • there are no hidden or extra costs
  • you are free to interact and communicate with as many Vietnamese women as you like
  • there is no need to pay every time you want to contact a member
  • Upgrading your membership will give you more exposure by ranking you above free standard members

Upgrade your membership today to enjoy unlimited access to thousands of real young Vietnamese girls and you could find a gorgeous Vietnamese girl today.

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VietnamCupid Review Part 5

In this VietnamCupid review, we will explore one of the popular searches inside VietnamCupid and a bit about VietnamCupid Instant messaging. You will also discover the secrets to chatting for FREE in VietnamCupid.

Watch Vietnamese girls in video gallery

This is the highlight of VietnamCupid dating service. You can enjoy looking at photos of Vietnamese women members and you can also hear these Vietnamese women members and see them saying hello to you.


However as a Standard or Gold member, you can only view videos from VietnamCupid platinum members, unless you upgrade your membership to platinum.

VietnamCupid Instant messenger

VietnamCupid Instant Messenger feature allows Platinum and Gold members to chat one-to-one with other online members.

Instant messenger is only available to paying members such as Platinum members. If you are a standard member, you can chat and communicate FREE with Platinum members only. Platinum members are able to use their webcam and microphone in the Instant Messenger.

VietnamCupid secrets: How do I chat free without paying?

Here’s some tricks to help you chat with other members if you are a standard VietnamCupid member.

As a Standard (FREE) member, you can communicate with other members in the following ways:

  • Send interest to members:
    Click here to learn how to send interest –>
  • Send mail to members:
    You can also write a personal message and send a mail to other standard members, but the recipient can’t read it unless one member upgrades their membership
  • Read mail from Gold or Platinum members

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VietnamCupid Review Part 4

In this instalment, we will explore how to use the ‘flirt online’ features in Let’s go back to the member control panel again. The fastest way to search for Vietnamese women matches is to look at the “Recommended Matches” at the bottom of your member control panel.

VietnamCupid Show Interest Button

If someone has caught your eye and you are interested in contacting her, just click on her profile pictures to read her profile.


Now you have two options; you can either click the “Show Interest” button and the opposite party will know that you are interested in her or you can send her a mail.

After clicking the “Show Interest” button, you will see something like this:


Please take note that as a Free standard member, you could not send her any mail. Upgrading to paying premium member include many benefits and advantages such as

  • sending unlimited messages to free and paying members
  • receive mail from free and paying members
  • communicate by email, instant messaging or chat

VietnamCupid Add To Favorite feature

“Add to favorite” feature allows you to keep track of all the Vietnamese girls that you are seriously interested in. Furthermore, she will also be notified that you have add her to your favorites thus opening up doors for more interactions.

Where can you find the “Add to favorite” feature?

Under every VietnamCupid member profile, there are some icons which when you move your mouse over, you can “add her to your favorites”


Now you can sign up for a FREE membership and kickstart your Vietnamese dating relationship. Click picture below


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VietnamCupid Review Part 3

In this VietnamCupid review, you will learn how to quickly utilize the member’s control panel area. After the revamp, the member’s control panel layout is more neat and intuitive. The search function is right in the middle and other non-essential items are hide away in the drop down menu.

Apparently VietnamCupid has designed the layout specifically catered to the member’s user experience. Everything from the new features such as “Recent Activity” are well thought out for the user.

How VietnamCupid is helping you

As human beings, we yearn to be popular especially in online dating websites. If someone has viewed your profile and you know who is the person, provided that you are interested in her, the chances of  hitting off are increased dramatically. Therefore in your VietnamCupid control panel, the features are there to help you to increase you chances of dating a Vietnamese woman.

In the member control panel, there is column called ” What’s New”. As you can see from the picture below


  • New interests
    Here you will be notified whether any Vietnamese women have shown you an interest
  • New profile views
    Here you will find out which VietnamCupid members has viewed your profile
  • New favourite
    Here you will know who has added you as their favourite

If you have carefully crafted your profile headline and dutifully uploaded clear pictures of yourself, you will soon be rewarded by Vietnamese women wanting to know more about you.

VietnamCupid most popular women

In this column, what is most exciting is the “Most Popular” where you can see the most popular Vietnamese women profiles all at one place. You can also select the timeline for Most popular VietnamCupid women member (All Time)  or Most popular VietnamCupid women member (This Month).


In the next VietnamCupid review, you will learn how to use VietnamCupid online tools to show interest to members that caught your eyes.

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