Asian Dating Scams 3 Important Safety Tips To Protect Yourself

Although online Asian dating services are becoming more popular and provide an excellent way to meet other Asian singles. Unfortunately the internet also open up novel opportunities for crooks and dishonest individuals to extort money from unsuspecting individuals.

In order to avoid any problems, it is better to be  more cautious. Here are some tips and suggestions for you to keep in mind:

Asian Dating Safety Tip #1:

  • NEVER ever send cash to someone you have just befriend or chat online. Do not wire money to a person that you have chat online regardless of any reasons they gave you. eg my mother is sick and in hospital, she need to pay for medical bill

Asian Dating Safety Tip #2:

  • See Asian dating safety tip #1

Asian Dating Safety Tip #3:

  • Be suspicious of individuals who appear to be overtly persistent or pushy in their requests for money

What are the common Asian online dating scams?

Generally speaking, most of the established asian dating services are clean and fun, but there are still some black sheeps lurking around.

Here are some of the reasons they will give you:

  • “I really want to meet you but I don’t have enough money to travel to see you.”
  • “My family member or me require urgent surgery or treatment for a serious illness”
  • “My family member or me has been a victim of a serious or fatal accident and you are the only person who can help me.”

Common examples of scams include requests for large sums of money to make payments towards plane tickets, legal fees, visa and immigration charges, medical expenses, marriage annulment fees etc.

How do I avoid Asian online dating scams?

First of all, you need to choose a reliable and established Asian online dating websites, with that being said, you still need some protective measures in case you are being blinded by love:

  • If you feel you must assist someone to purchase a plane ticket, always buy the ticket yourself on behalf of the visitor and make sure the ticket can be refunded in case you need to cancel it
  • If you must make any payments,  only do so after you have verified the invoice is genuine and pay directly to the organization
  • If you do send money to someone, be suspicious of someone who requests more money as soon as they receive the initial amount, report them to the administrator of the Asian dating service

Some people in developing countries like the Philippines often request small amount of money to pay for expenses such as internet access or mobile phone costs to communicate with you.  Avoid sending any money to someone you have not met in person, under any circumstances. If you are not sure read Asian dating safety tip #1 again.

Here are some established and highly reliable Asian online dating websites where they have staff who are vigilant and take appropriate action where there is a report on scam by its member.

  • Click here to sign up for free in ThaiLoveLinks
  • Click here to try FilipinaHeart girls for free
    filipinaheart-ladies Name Change to has changed its name and is now known as For those who have signed up as a member, please do not be alarmed. This is only a brand name change and it will not affect your membership on the site. will continue to provide service as usual.


What is about? (formerly known as (formerly known as is one of the largest authentic Asian online dating site. You can find real Asian singles from countries such as Thailand, The Philippines,  China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia. But you have to be careful of some Asian ladies.

What to look out for when you are a member of

  • Be extremely wary of those Asian ladies who would claim instant love with you
  • Especially Asian women after one or two chat, they would declare that they are interested in marriage with you

However (formerly known as has make tremendous effort in reducing those scam profiles. The company behind is real and work hard to resolve issues. So you can be rest assured that there are still plenty of real genuine Thai women, lonely Filipinas ladies seeking to make foreign friends.

For those who are seeking real relationship with Asian women and have the ability to travel to meet these women, you can find a very good match. The only thing you need is a bit of patience.

Click picture below and start browsing and interacting with Asian women.


Why Do Asian Women Like Foreign Men

Why are Asian women attracted to foreign white men like bees to honey? What is this “phenomenon” about? This article attempt to explain the various reasons why Asian women like foreign white men.

Asian women in this case means those from southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Philippines, South Korea. We are not talking about educated Asian women who have live, work or study in western countries as they are more open-minded and less conservative.

“Visa” attraction

It takes two to tango and it is fairly obvious to those who booked fully chaperoned marriage packages to Thailand, Philippines, visit a-go-go bars in  Phuket, Bangkok. The Thai girls and filipina women you attract are those who are looking for fat wallet / green card / marry for visa.


Post colony hangover

It is still relevant in this age, Asian especially women have been so deeply ingrained about foreign white men that they represent money and status.  For cosmopolitan countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, the stereotypical views are less apparent.

A polite word to describe this “phenomenon” is called respect otherwise it is known as prejudiced; putting white foreign men on the pedestal is the undeniable fact that is still running through Asian societies.

Thailand girls and Filipino women

For those coming from poor and less educated families, there is a general belief about western men that they are all rich and they can live a luxury life once they catch one big fish. They want somebody reliable to take them away from squalor and poverty. Yes, not all Thailand women and filipina girls have such stereotypical views, at least not the affluent ones .

Skin colour seems to be an important factor especially in the Philippines. Most still have the perceived beliefs that if you have darker skin you come from a poor family where people earn a living by doing manual labor.

South Korean women

Korean culture dictates that the daughter-in-law must serve many obligations including doing things for her mother-in-law. It would seem enticing for a South Korean woman to get a foreign guy without being chained to the cultural shackles. Also South Korean ladies prefer exotic foreigner as they are perceived as more caring than Korean men.

Characteristics of foreign white men

Foreign white men especially Americans are easy going and laid back. Their relaxed and unreserved nonchalance clearly infused Thai ladies and filipina women with a sense of liberation which they could not find back in their own country.

Now you know why you are always mobbed when you are either a tourist or an exchange student in Thailand, The Philippines or South Korea.

But who will complain about their newfound popularity among Thai ladies, filipina women when they are given the cold shoulder by women back in their own country?

Click below to find Thai ladies online:


Asian Dating Friends Review Part 3

Looking for a fun and fast way to connect with new people from around the world without the hassle of international calls? Asian Friend’s technology makes it easy for you to connect with other Asian singles members.

In this review, the video and instant messaging functions are further explore. In Asian Friends, you can see webcam videos and hear the recording of a particular Asian girl’s voice introduction. Most of the Asian women love to describe herself and her ideal match despite being stereotyped as conservative.


Asian Friends Instant Chat Function

You can launch instant messenger immediately without any hassles. As you can see in the pictures below, there are as many as 107 members online for chat at any one time.


You can even take it a step further and send a personalized voice introduction to a member who has caught your eye.

Asian Friends Video Function


In your member’s homepage, you can instantly view which are the most popular Asian girls’ webcam videos. You can also record and manage your video introductions.

You can watch webcam videos of asian girls looking for fun. It is not surprising that most of the Asian girls use their webcam right from their own bed!


Some of them recorded a brief video message describing why she’s on the site and what she’s looking for in this Asian online dating service.

However there is a catch; being a Free standard member doesn’t allow you to play videos of these Asian girls, you have to upgrade to “Silver” membership so that you can:

  • Access complete profiles, including a member’s self-description and what they’re seeking in a partner
  • Watch video introductions, which are a fun, interactive way of determining chemistry and compatibility
  • Initiate email – an important step in beginning a new relationship

Where can I try Asian Friends for free?

If you really want to get serious about using Asian Friend to locate a friend or mate, it is highly recommended to upgrade your membership to Silver or you can try it for FREE as a standard member.

Asian Dating Friends Review Part 2

In the last review, you were shown the special features of Asian Dating Friends. Now you will find how to use the site for maximum success and harvest more matches for yourself.

The easiest way to have a list of Asian women

  • Cupid Reports:
    select Asian girls according to your preferences by accessing your Cupid Settings in your member area. Select your criteria and update – A list of Asian women emailed to you regularly. Asia Friend will automatically notify you when a person matching your description becomes a member.


  • My New Matches:
    Another list automatically compiled for you and ready to review every time you log in.

Online Places to find Asian women

  • Members Near Me:
    In your member area, there is a feature to see which members are living near you.
  • See Who’s Online Now:
    Find out who has logged into their account and chat with them via Asian Dating Friend’s Instant Messenger.
  • Most Popular Members:
    You can check out hot Asian women photos and videos and who’s getting the most attention.
  • Your Local Groups:
    Use this feature to find members who share your interests and live around your neighbourhood.
  • Top Kudos:
    This is an interesting list that features members who have received praise from other members. You can secretly observed who is getting the praises.
  • View Recently Confirmed:
    These members have recently verified their age, gender using ConfirmID.
  • VIP list:
    Check out these online royalty:
    These Asian women have their Gold memberships with a VIP designation so you know they are serious in their search for their sweetheart.

As you use the tools above to find members who interest you, add them to your member Hotlist so you can find them easily again.

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