Thai Girls Relationship Advice

Many foreign men often mixed up conservative mainstream Thai women and charming Thai bargirls that work in the sex industry.  Especially foreign men who are lonely and very frustrated with their local women.

Why you must be able to tell the difference between Thai bargirl and mainstream Thai woman

You must be able to tell the difference between mainstream Thai women and Thai bargirls which is very important if you are seeking a relationship with them. The reason is because there is almost always no happy ending if you are dating a Thai bargirl. Do not deceive yourself by going into a relationship with Thai bar girls.

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Please do not expect long term relationship when the relationship is started out based on money, not mutual attraction. Yes the same old story of how your Thai bar girlfriend is different from everyone else’s Thai bar girlfriend has been played out over and over again and the ending is always the same.

Why Thai bargirls are attractive

Many of these Thai bargirls are professional and their sexual performance can be pretty uninhibited. While some really enjoy doing it, others can give out Hollywood screams and moans off to perfection.

Some of Thai bargirls in bars and nightclubs have sort of sexual overdrive and seemed like they cannot get enough of sex. They will also bring their girlfriends along and try out just about anything. So many farang men dating bargirls in Thailand are smitten by these Thai bargirls and before they realized it, they are deep down in the abyss.

Thai bar girlfriends problems

If you are cannot tell the difference between Thai bargirls and normal mainstream Thai women, then you may encounter problems when you date one of the these Thai bargirls. Most of these Thai bargirls have major hang-ups for eg self-doubts, inferiority complex, shame, growing addictions to large amounts of cash and many are taking drugs regularly to forget about their problems.

If you marry a Thai bargirlfriend, the problems are compounded by the excess baggage that she carry around. She will find it very hard to cope with her transition from being complete self-reliance to almost total dependency on you and with less ready money by her side.

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