Top 5 Mistakes Writing an Online Dating Profile

Here’s the scenario: you saw a few popular online dating services and you signed up for free membership. Next, you went online but it turns out there are no response or worse you get losers, cheaters. It is pretty frustrating when you thought that hooking up online is supposed to be easy and convenient.

No, it’s not your fault that you are not getting any attention, the blame lies with your online dating profile. Here’s the five mistakes we commonly made when writing our online dating profile.

Mistake #1: Carbon Copy

For Girls:
Every girl likes to describe herself as “kind hearted, sweet, fun,open-minded, sincere, optimistic, friendly” but there are thousands of other single girls in Asian online dating websites that say the same thing about themselves. This type of profile do not stand out from the crowd and you soon be buried deep under the tsunami of popular members’ profile. click here to see example of popular Filipina girls member online profile

For guys:
Boring generic descriptions about your likes and hobbies. Who doesn’t enjoy travel, movies and make new friends?

The Attention grabbing secret:

The best online dating profiles tell an original story about the member . So instead of writing that you’re adventurous, write something about the trip to the beach or the hike with your buddies or best friends.

You will be a major turn on when you describe yourself as passionate. No! not in bed but the activities or hobbies that get you hook.  This approach make you seem a lot more interesting and it also gives online dating members an easy icebreaker.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Advertise Yourself

You might be reluctant to self promote because you worry it will make you seem cocky or self-conceited. Do not leave out listing your strengths such as  good at cooking or speak four languages etc. Prospective dating members like to date people who are winners not losers.

Mistake #3: Ugly Profile Photos

For Girls:

  • Do not make a mistake of submitting photos with your best friend. You will confuse the man checking you out. Which one is the real you? The ugly one or the hotter one?
  • Do not include guys in profile photo.  Some of the Asian girls are so lazy that they upload snapshots with their brothers, ex-boyfriend. This is a huge turn off for men.
  • Take a good self portrait, preferably in bed as the background of your profile picture. Wait and see your inbox shoot through the roof.
  • Photos that shows off your body is an absolute must… if you have it, flaunt it
  • If you are still puzzled over how to take good self portrait, go to the popular members photo section like the one in Filipino FriendFinder and see how they take their photos which are being voted by fellow members.

Mistake #4: Desperate Headlines

Do not write “looking for a soulmate” it screams “I’m desperately looking to marry ASAP!” Your profile headline is like a classified ad, screaming and waving for attention to those that are browsing and searching members profiles. But do not let your headline devalue

Mistake #5: Revealing secrets

Do not reveal anything in your profile that you wouldn’t say on a first date.  It is normal that your profile contains a detailed self description but do not confess unnecessarily.

With a few tweaks and patience, your inbox will soon be stuffed with messages from guys or girls dying to hear from you. Good luck!

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