Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Asian brides from China and the Philippines remain a popular choice for Asian men. The main reason is because it is quite hard to find young Asian women as most of them are economically independent and prefer to remain single.

Filipino Asian Brides

Fillipino woman has been known for their strong family ties, pleasant and outward personality. Mail order Asian brides from the Philippines were once a common phenomenon but abusive foreign husbands prompted the authorities to clamp down on such practices.

Chinese Asian Brides

Chinese women are known to be demure and shy but beware of these racial stereotypes that have a tendency to mislead you. It is best to get to know her and see if you can hit it off.


Common Myth about Asian Brides

Some men may have unrealistic fantasy about marrying Asian woman. They think it is more exotic and exciting to marry a foreign Asian woman and they are actually rescuing them from inferno hell from their home countries.

Most men thought Asian women know how to “service” them better than white women just because Asian woman know how to cook and take care of her husband and family.

Due to abject poverty in their family finances, many Vietnamese women have no choice but to marry foreign men to help improve their family situation.

Asian Brides Scams

However there is two sides to a story and there are bound to have black sheep around. Some may argue that they have been scammed after marrying Asian women. There are black widow cases where Asian women who have used up their husband’s money and leave their husband after a few years.

It may seem as a scam to get you to send your money back to her home or family. However before you tied the knot, you must know that marrying a Asian woman is as though marrying her whole family.  In fact you are basically supporting your wife as well as her family.

Before you believe stories about Asian Brides scams, there are also abusive husbands who themselves are alcoholic or violent.

Try dating Asian women online

You can try to dip into baby pool before diving into the deep water. Date some nice local Asian ladies online and see if you click with any of them before you make any descisions. Do tons of research before you commit especially if it concern about sending money.

Click picture below to date  Filipino woman online


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  1. Richard ST on January 2nd, 2011

    Great post. I would say due to culture & upbringings, Asian females are kinda shy & conservative. Some men prefer to be treated by these particular “services”. However, only a certain group, others are not much different anywhere in the world.

    Main thing is just know your lady personally.

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