Dating Japanese Girls Advice Part 2

For those who have been wanting a Japanese girlfriend or to the extreme of finding Japanese girls who looked like anime character, there are some social norms and taboos you need to be aware of.  The word “Japanese girl” conjure up countless fantasy that enthralled many foreigners who are visiting Japan.

western men dating Japanese girls challenges

Most of Japanese girl’s parents are against their daughter dating a ‘gaijen’, the term for a westerner. A Japanese girl dating a foreign man might be unsure about a few things such as distance, language and culture. However if you can resolve the issues and make it work out, it will be many times worthwhile.


what is a good way to approach and meet a Japanese girl?

  • Use your initiative and flirt with her
  • know how to speak some basic Japanese helps to score points
  • avoid speaking or doing what Japanese are sensitive to

Do not rush into physical contact with a Japanese girl, particularly in public. Not even a kiss which may seems casual to you. A kiss or a slight peck on the cheek is a major event and means a lot to a Japanese girl.

Physical contact normally starts later in a relationship with a Japanese girl, but once the ice is broken it will progress more normally.

What do Japanese girls usually like or want in a man?

Japanese girls do not like Japanese men because they are “wishy-washy” and chauvinistic and expect Japanese women to be perform their role as traditional housewife which often favor the male.

Japanese girls are shy and innocent when it comes to dating. She will ask a female friend to accompany her when she go out on a date with you.

Try to find out more about her background and where she grew up will help you to understand her better. It will also impress upon her that you are seriously interested in her.

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