Desperate Foreign Asian Brides

There is an increasing trend of Asian men marrying foreign Asian women as brides. Asian brides from China, the Philippines and Vietnam are most popular among Asian men seeking a marriage partner. Many of these Chinese brides, Vietnamese brides, Filipina brides married foreign men for a meal ticket out of poverty.

Why foreign Asian brides are popular

Many commercial matchmaking agencies promoting Vietnamese and Chinese brides offer convenient whirlwind matchmaking tours to Vietnam and other South East Asian countries. The ease and convenience of marriage administration and the price for marrying a foreign Asian bride has shrank rapidly in recent years, making it a more affordable option for Asian men.

Vietnamese brides

Most of Vietnamese brides come from poor Vietnamese rice farmers and these Vietnam girls just want to find a good husband and send money back to their homeland.  Marrying a Vietnamese girl is very simple, you only need to obtain the Vietnamese girl’s parent consent and you can proceed to hold the wedding banquet.


Chinese brides

There are many Chinese women seeking foreign marriage partner as China economy opens up to the world. With the access of internet in China, many Chinese girls can explore the opportunities and discover their new found freedom.

Thai women brides

Thai women often prefer to marry foreign Asian men who are deemed as good husband material, responsible family men who care and provide for the family.

Thai women know that some of Thai men like to drink and do not take care of their families. There are also untold stories of Thai men beating their wives while many Thai men are often labeled as “butterflies”, fluttering between flower (women) to flower (women) to pollinate. Thailand women often found their husbands to be cheating on them and they are sick of it.

Next time a Thai woman called you a butterfly, it is not a compliment but a sneering remark to describe you as a flirt.


Mismatch expectations for foreign Asian brides

Most of the men usually desire an obedient and submissive wife, while foreign Asian brides expect their husband to be wealthy enough to provide for their family.

Before you rush to marry a foreign Asian bride, sign up for the various free online dating services to get to know them better before you commit yourself.

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