Filipina Girlfriend Fanatasy

Many foreigner men may harbour the thought of of living his fantasy with Filipino girls. The appeal of an Asian female fantasy image is simply irresistible.  The Philippines may fit your desires and living out your fantasies with many filipina women.

Filipino girls expectations

Before you decide to have a serious relationship with a filipina woman, you need to understand some of the Filipino women expectations. A Filipino woman may demand 100 percent monogamy and require her man to be completely committed to her. Therefore you need to think twice before you commit yourself to a serious long term relationship with a filipino woman.

Some filipino women may have this kind of ideal guy and relationship expectations:

  • her man should be totally monogamous
  • he should be a goody two shoes father and family man
  • her man should be completely giving and generous to her

Therefore if you are a swinger hoping to have as many casual Filipino relationships as possible, then you should avoid marrying a filipina girl. The reason is because each filipina woman wants you to have her deep down inside to be the one and only.

Filipino girls heaven

There are many attractive girls to choose from in The Philippines, sexy girls and even model type girls with killer figures are common in the “sex disneyland”.

Many expats are able to live out his fantasy with filipino women every night. A pool party with 7 filipina girls in a classy neighborhood is common. This is a dream come true where some may never get to taste this kind of lifestyle which is reserved only for CEOs and NFL stars back in their homeland.

Filipino girls advice

The exciting passion of initial romance will fade quickly. Moreover being with the same person everyday loses its novelty and the stimulation wears off. Unless you found your true love, do not carelessly plunge yourself into a serious relationship.

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