Filipino Women Culture

If you really want to seek Filipino women for dating, you should try to understand Filipino culture and some of the common characteristics of a Filipina woman.

Filipino culture and history

The Philippines is made up of many tribal groups with different cultures and languages. The Philippines were colonized by the Spanish for over 400 years.

Filipino culture is heavily influenced by Spanish colonization and noticeable in the surnames. However do not assume all filipino know Spanish. It is only their Spanish ancestors that speak Spanish.

This reveal the rich diversity and uniqueness of Filipino culture.  The filipino customs, social behaviors and food are unique to the individual tribal groups.

Filipino language

Tagalog is designated the national language and one of two official languages of the Philippines, the other being English. Most filipino who speak Tagalogs live in central Luzon, the main island, where Metro Manila is situated.

English is spoken virtually everywhere in the Philippines. The Western culture was embraced warmly during the American presence in World War II.

Filipino religion

Filipino are firm believers and staunch Roman Catholics. Their faith in God is very powerful and the Roman Catholic influence is profoundly lasting. The Christian beliefs of the Filipinos is also reflected in the hospitality of the people. Filipino people are warm and extremely friendly compared to other Asian counterparts.

Filipino relationships

Filipinos are very romantic and they love melodramas and comedy. You can see it from their TV programmes and international TV stations.

Filipino people know how to have smooth interpersonal relationships. Filipinos are keen on resolving conflicts and they might try going through a third party to resolve it. However most of us dislike these type of behaviors and interpret it as “talking behind my back”.

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