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There is a misconception that when one marry a pretty, young and sweet Thai girl, she will love him and take care of him. For some this dream will come true. However most of the success stories happen when the man decided to sink his roots in Thailand and not the other way round.

Thai girls have an outer demeanor of peacefulness and subservience which makes any man feel at ease and enchanted. Nevertheless, the truth is that Thai ladies rule the household when it comes to marriage. For Thai ladies who decide to marry foreign men, most of them cannot adjust to the weather and cultural shock in the foreign countries.

Why Thai girls are attracted to foreign men

Most average Thai girls have little or no education to climb the social ladder. Therefore in order to achieve material wealth and when a Western man turn up like a knight in shining armor, many of them will embrace him like bees to honey.

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Thai women are disenchanted with local Thai men as they are more promiscuous and prone to having mistresses.

Trap by Thai girls

It is dangerous for lonely and shy foreign men to go to Thailand, as they will be trap by Thai girls seduction. For those who never had any girlfriend in their native country and have been rejected countless of times by their own country women, Thailand is a paradise, a ‘City of Angels’.

Most of these Thai girls are prostitutes (typical bar girl or the freelancer) which you can find inside a disco and then you have to pay her for a bar fine. However these Thai girls behave like real lovely girlfriends who is really sweet to you. This cause some to fall head over heels and decide to marry her.

Good Thai ladies do not ask for money, they just have a good way of showing they cannot afford many of the things we take for granted. Some of them hope you get the hint and offer to buy a few things for them.

Prejudice against Thai girls dating foreign men

There is a strong social prejudice against Farang dating Thai women. A Thai girl with a western men walking in the streets of Bangkok will get dirty looks and bad treatment from Thai locals.

There is a stigma among locals and foreigners for a Thai girl and Farang couple because they assumed:

  • the Thai girl is after the foreign man’s money and
  • the foreign guy cannot get any girl in his native country

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