Why Attractive Filipino Girls Play Hard To Get

In the filipino dating culture, a filipina lady will be term as a “malandi” (flirt), if she go out on a date with several men. This type of  behavior is taboo in Filipino courtship culture

Courting a Filipino lady

In the traditional Filipino courtship, Filipina women are expected to be “pakipot” (playing hard to get) because it is seen as an appropriate behavior. However due to the proliferation of Filipino online dating sites like FilipinoCupid.com, many Filipina women have taken the initiative to pursue men.


The main reason of playing hard to get is to subtly hint to the courtier that he has to work hard to win her love. This is also one way measuring a Filipino’s admirer’s honesty and perseverance. Some Filipino courtships may last for several years before the Filipina woman accepts her man’s love.

Difference between Filipino courtship and western dating

In the Philippine dating culture, courting a young Filipino girl is not as direct as walking up to her and asking for her number like in some Western countries.

If you are seen as too aggressive and chauvinistic, you may turn off the filipina woman. Friendly group dates are often the starting point. The courtier should be discreet and friendly before going out with her on individual dates. If the Filipino couple decided to reveal their relationship public, they will then proceed to tell their family and friends.

Modern Filipino courtship

With the expanding internet broadband connections, many Filipino girls could go online to search for her ideal marriage partner.  Modern communication tools like email, mobile phones, text messages, instant chat between two lovers speed up the courtship process. The faster you can connect with her, the faster you can win her heart.

Filipina Mail Order Bride

Although there are some places where you can take part in Philippine marriage tour packages, nothing beats dating a Filipino girl online to get to know her better.

Filipina ladies are often labeled stereotypically as “Filipino Mail Order Bride”. This is grave misconception that insulting to native  Pinay. Please do not harbour mistaken beliefs about Filipina women. Not all Filipino girls are docile and submissive girlfriends as described , they’re only looking for a man who acts like a man and treats them like a lady.

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  1. Micheal Cheung on May 4th, 2011

    This is an excellent explanation why many attractive Filipino girls play hard to get these days. The faster you can connect with her the faster you can win her heart online :)

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