Where to chat with filipino girls online

Are you looking for a fun and fast way to connect with new filipino girls from Philippines without the hassle of international calls? Chatting online with filipina pen pals have never been easier. Here we will show you the exact steps.

2 Easy Steps To Chat With Filipina ladies

Step #1:

Sign up for a FREE Filipino Friends Finder member account. If you are interested to read a thorough review click here to read –> Filipino  friendfinder review

Step #2:

Log into your FREE Filipino friends member account. Filipino FriendFinder’s technology makes it easy for you to connect with other filipina members. There are three instant messenger (IM) to choose from.

  1. Live video chat with sound (work in your browser)
  2. Download standalone Instant Messenger
  3. Chat using HTML version


At any one time there are at least over one hundred filipino ladies members in there. In the instant messaging window, you can view the age and gender of the members . You can also view the members profile or page at a click of a button.


Turn on your microphone (or add one) and you’ve got a complete electronic link: voice, video and Instant Messenger. If your computer has a webcam, you can even see filipino woman member you’re talking to in real time.


Happy chatting !

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