Why Attractive Filipino Girls Play Hard To Get

In the filipino dating culture, a filipina lady will be term as a “malandi” (flirt), if she go out on a date with several men. This type of  behavior is taboo in Filipino courtship culture

Courting a Filipino lady

In the traditional Filipino courtship, Filipina women are expected to be “pakipot” (playing hard to get) because it is seen as an appropriate behavior. However due to the proliferation of Filipino online dating sites like FilipinoCupid.com, many Filipina women have taken the initiative to pursue men.


The main reason of playing hard to get is to subtly hint to the courtier that he has to work hard to win her love. This is also one way measuring a Filipino’s admirer’s honesty and perseverance. Some Filipino courtships may last for several years before the Filipina woman accepts her man’s love.

Difference between Filipino courtship and western dating

In the Philippine dating culture, courting a young Filipino girl is not as direct as walking up to her and asking for her number like in some Western countries.

If you are seen as too aggressive and chauvinistic, you may turn off the filipina woman. Friendly group dates are often the starting point. The courtier should be discreet and friendly before going out with her on individual dates. If the Filipino couple decided to reveal their relationship public, they will then proceed to tell their family and friends.

Modern Filipino courtship

With the expanding internet broadband connections, many Filipino girls could go online to search for her ideal marriage partner.  Modern communication tools like email, mobile phones, text messages, instant chat between two lovers speed up the courtship process. The faster you can connect with her, the faster you can win her heart.

Filipina Mail Order Bride

Although there are some places where you can take part in Philippine marriage tour packages, nothing beats dating a Filipino girl online to get to know her better.

Filipina ladies are often labeled stereotypically as “Filipino Mail Order Bride”. This is grave misconception that insulting to native  Pinay. Please do not harbour mistaken beliefs about Filipina women. Not all Filipino girls are docile and submissive girlfriends as described , they’re only looking for a man who acts like a man and treats them like a lady.

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ThaiLoveLines.com Review Part 8

ThaiLoveLines is a hybrid Thai online dating cum social networking site. There are thousands of young Thai girls looking for relationships, marriage or simply friendship from around the world. ThaiLoveLines also offer instant Thai chat, Skype internet calls, an E mail centre and an innovative match service where you meet Thai singles daily.

In the last ThaiLoveLine Review 7, you were shown steps on how to be popular among Thai ladies in ThaiLoveLines.com. In this review, you will learn how to increase your chances of ThaiLoveLines ladies knocking at your door.

How to add ThaiLoveLines members as your favorite

Now you can efficently manage your own online dating network of young Thailand women friends with “Favorites” list. Favorites is simply a list of member profiles that have caught your attention.


It is also a powerful way to express interest in another members as each time you select a member as your “favorite”, a notification will be sent to that member from you.

How to use ThaiLoveLines Favorite list as a powerful dating tool

You should aim to develop your ThaiLoveLines favorite list of at least 100 members or prospects whom you would like to get to know better.  It is an extremely useful communication tool as it allow you to be instantly show up on their “radar screen”.

Many ThaiLoveLines members who have been successful in their online dating revealed using “Favorites”  as a key feature in helping them to find someone special or simply a new set of friends. This is now available to Standard membership.

  • Click the Add to favorites button to make an addition to your favorites list.
  • In you favorite list you can also view your match selections through “Meet your Match” and who has rated you
  • You can also view a list of other members who have also added your profile to their favorite lists
  • Your interest will be shown in a special favorites e-mail being delivered into the member’s Inbox as well as to their e-mail with a link to your photo and profile
  • Your favorites list will show the other members nationality flag and a flashing icon when they are online so that you can chat or connect with them instantly if you are a Standard member

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Why Single Thai Girls Are Sweet And Sexy

Among Asian women, Thailand girls are popular for their sweet and sexy demeanour. There are many foreign men who chose to retire in Thailand or you have probably heard about their great holiday escapades in Thailand. Most famous about Thai women are the girls from Pattaya.

Why Thailand girls are attractive

When you mention about Thai girls, an image of  Thai girl with long luxurious black hair, almond shaped eyes with a sexy petite body is often portrayed. Places like Pattaya and Phuket have an abundance of single pretty young Thai women.


However if you are serious about dating Thailand women online, you may wish to avoid Thai girls that come from tourist traps areas eg Pattaya, Phuket.

Yes it may seems very tempting at first, the fact that Thai girls from Pattaya are great company. The way a Thai girl can make you feel strong, desired, wanted prove to be irresistible for some.

Avoid Thailand bargirls

However you must know what type of relationship you are getting into. These type of Thailand girls worked in “A-GO-GO” bars that cater to foreigners ie one night stands. Many of these Thai women come from Isaan, the north eastern part of Thailand to seek a better life ie seeking sugar daddies or gold diggers.

Browse real Thailand girls online

If you are searching online for an educated, conservative Thailand woman whom you can have a real relationship with–not one-night stands or Thai bargirls, fortunately there are some established Thai online dating sites like ThaiLovelinks and ThaiLoveLines.


There are plenty of decent Thailand ladies who would like to be your acquaintance online. If you prefer young and internet savvy Thailand girls, you may find ThaiLoveLines useful.

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Where To Date Saudi Arabian Girls

Saudi Arabian girls

Arab online dating is getting very popular among the young Arab Muslims. Now Arabian women have the choice of choosing their ideal prospective husbands through the internet without the cultural constraints

Understanding Saudi Arabian women and their culture

Online dating single Saudi Arabia women seems to be an exotic propostion as Saudi Arabia ladies are perceived as mysterious and sensual. However in Saudi Arabia there is no legal requirement that define the minimum age for marriage. Young Arabian girls are often forced to marry older Saudi Arabian men.

Saudi Arabia women love to dance and their music is very rhythmic. The imagination of a sensual Arabic girl dancing provocatively behind a veil is the common notion among foreign men.

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Compared to in middle eastern countries like syria and lebanon, Syrian women or lebanon girls usually has the option to accept or refuse the proposing man for whatever reason and when the prospective partner’s age is too old.

Saudi Arabian women characteristics

  • Saudi girls are generally humble and chaste
  • Arab girls live in the shadows of their husbands,
  • single Arab women are generally open and even flirtatious if you are a foreigner
  • Saudi Arabian girls have captivating smiles and they are dark and exotic.
  • Some people consider Arab girls the most desirable women in the world for marriage and love.

Where to meet Saudi Arabian girls

There are many free online Arab dating services however the most popular are ones are:

  • Muslima.com – Muslim girls matrimony site

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  • ArabLounge – largest Arab online dating community

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Where To Find Syrian Girls For Marriage

There are many Syrian women on the internet looking for someone to date or marriage. Some of the Syrian girls are liberal and seeking for love and to take care of them. Most of Syrian women resides in Al Qadam, Al Mazzah Idlib, Jaramanah, halab, Dimashq, Dummar, Ad Dahdah, Makman just to name a few.

Types of Syrian girls

Traditionally, Syrian women are expected to be wives, mothers and rulers of the household when their husband is not at home. However there are also career-minded Syrian women and many of Syrian women who are members of Parliament (equivalent to congressmen).

Wild and naughty Syrian girls

In Syria, where women often wear veils and long robes, it is surprising that the demand for push-up bras, leather outfits, whips, and edible underwear is wildly popular. The reason is because of the influences of magazines, television and internet, Syrian women are more exposed to western culture than other middle eastern women.


Chat with Arab and Syrian girls

You can chat with Syrian women online in Muslima.com which is one of the most popular online dating site. Most of Arab Muslim women go to Muslima.com to find their ideal marriage partner.

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