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Do you know how to be popular among Thai ladies in The method is very easy and simple. It is easy because in ThaiLoveLines, many Thai girls and mature Thai women are very open-minded about finding new foreign friends and dating online. It is like throwing a bait into a barrel of hungry fishes. Below are some steps that you must do.

3 easy steps to attract Thai ladies in ThaiLoveLines

Now if you really want to make some new Thai friends, you do not need to pursue. Let them come to you, in other words, you attract.

Step #1: you have to put in effort to write a candid but compelling description of yourself

Share with others what your dreams or goals you wanted in your life. This will allow others to have a little glimpse of your inner world. Write a bit about what you do for a living with a dosage of candor. No, please do not describe those boring mundane stuff, try to be less serious and poke fun at yourself. Women especially Thai women find men who are witty and humorous rather attractive.

Step #2: Photos speak a thousand words

Do not be afraid to upload pictures of yourself. Hiding behind an online dating profile without a photo just reflect to others that you have something to hide and you are not serious about making new friends.

Your first impression on the internet dating is all about pictures and photographs. Do not just upload any photos of yourself. Groom yourself before taking a head shot photograph. How the Thai ladies make a snap judgement of you depend on how well you present yourself in your photos.

Step #3: login in regularly

And then you wait patiently.

Check in your email and you will be getting Thai ladies adding you to their favorite’s list of friends.


This means that she obviously likes you from your profile. The adding of your profile to her favorite friends’ list could mean that this member is quite interested in getting to know you better.

The favorites feature allows members on ThaiLoveLine to select a certain number of members into a list from which deeper relationships may be developed. My Favorites is also sometimes called a Hotlist of potential friends and relationships on ThaiLoveLine. You might want to consider some of the following responses:

  • Flirts: Send an expression of interest by sending a flirt which is a Standard messaging service available to all members
  • Social Network invitation: Invite her to be a member of your own social network. See if she accepts
  • Chat Live on IM : Logon and see if she is available for a chat. If not, it may be possible to leave a message that you would like to chat
  • Send an e-mail message: This is a Premium membership facility but very effective in opening up lines of communication
  • Make a Date : Set a time and date for an online chat using IM or Skype.
  • Skype : Check out her profile and see if there is a Skype account (you need to be a Premium Member to see this). Then send a Skype message or chat on Skype if this member is online

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Why Vietnamese Brides Are Popular

There is an increasing number of Southeast Asian men, particularly from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore marrying Vietnamese women bride because fewer women in their homelands are willing to marry and take on the traditional role of a wife.

Why Vietnamese brides are hot in demand

Vietnamese women are renowned for their demure characteristics that conform to an Asian man’s requirement of his ideal woman. Vietnamese brides are:

  • loving and caring wives and excellent homemakers
  • having a great sense of filial piety towards their parents-in-law
  • being fast learners and quick to adapt to her foreign environment
  • endowed with a hardworking and non-demanding attitude


Mail order Vietnamese brides with a twist

There are many so called “international” matchmaking agencies on the web offering tour packages for Asian men. These are typically mail order vietnamese brides with a twist. Men who are looking to marry a Vietnamese woman must go to Vietnam in person to choose his Vietnamese bride among hundreds of young Vietnamese girls from villages aged between 18 to 28 years old.

Basically the tour marriage package include:

  • return air ticket to Ho Chi Minh City
  • accommodation inclusive of 3 meals per day for 5 nights/6days
  • transportation by air-con luxury van to villages for matchmaking
  • Vietnamese bride’s health examination.

Most of marriage brokers agency will provide some value-added services like discounted honeymoon package upon marriage.

Order your Vietnamese bride fast-food style

The network of marriage brokers in Ho Chi Minh City and intricate connections between villagers enable the prospective bride hunter to choose a young Vietnamese woman and start marriage formalities in the space of seven to ten days. The processing of all official documentation usually takes approximately 45 days and the Vietnamese bride can join her new husband.

Vietnamese virgin bride guarantee?

There are even some marriage agencies who offer astonishing guarantee. If your chosen Vietnamese bride is found to be not a virgin after the medical checkup, the client can choose another Vietnamese woman at no extra charge.

The whole business of matchmaking is becoming a circus for some. Treating Vietnamese ladies like commodities is absolutely disgusting however as the saying goes ‘it takes two hand to clap’. The potential for a better life and the ability to send money home to her family continue to lead young Vietnamese girls to marry foreign men.

Go slow with Vietnamese dating site VietnamCupid

For those who prefer to avoid the sleazy marriage circus, you can try VietnamCupid for free. is a Vietnamese dating site that list thousands of real Vietnamese girls. Click picture below to sign up for FREE.


7 Secrets To Meet Thai Women Online Successfully

Today, there are many Thai women who preferred to use online dating sites to meet foreign men. Pretty Thai women or young Thailand girls are always popular in the online dating websites.  These Thai women who use attractive pictures get tons of emails from guys every day.

What’s interesting about Thai online dating profiles is that many of them are full of hot air and some are complete nonsense. Many Thai girls and Thailand women will lie about their age, weight and income in their online dating profiles.
Here are 7 secrets tips to increase your chances of success in the Thai online dating world

Secret Tip #1: Be creative

You should sign up a free email account similar to the name of your dating profile. Once you have had contact with a Thai girl, you can go the next step and continue with online chat. Never reveal too much online to keep her in suspense. A separate email account also keeps your regular email free of all the messages and notifications you will get from a site like ThaiLoveLinks

You have to be a little creative to stand out from the competition. Being a little laid back, a little more passive will actually work with these Thai girls. Keeps her wondering why you don’t pursue her as much as the other guys.  You have to be  different to get your email opened by her.

Secret Tip #2: Use a good webcam

If you plan on chatting online, please do yourself a favor and buy a decent webcam. This will help you present yourself better. Remember if  you are trying to date someone who may be thousands of miles away, she needs to know something about you. People do judge on image and especially online when your image and presentation is all that she can see.


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If you have a webcam, Thai women will be more willing to use their webcam to chat with you. If you don’t have a good webcam then the Thai girls will not be too impressed. But please keep in mind that webcams show what you are doing, so if you are chatting with many women simulataneously, you will likely be exposed! Thai girls know when you do this because they in turn chat with more than one guy.

Secret Tip #3: Stay away from “crazies”

If a Thai girl has written something in her profile like: “I am crazy girl” or “I do crazy things”, run away as far as possible. Avoid these types of Thai girls like a plague. Discard her as a potential girlfriend or even date. These types of Thai girls may be wild and crazy but they will bring you a lot of trouble. Go for normal Thai women when dating online.

Secret Tip #4: Avoid young Thai girls

If you are looking for a serious relationship and marriage, do not search for Thai women who are 7-10 years younger than you. If you are an older guy, age gap of 10-15 years maybe ok, but do not push your luck. Young Thai women are still not mature enough.

There are some Thai women who are emotionally immature even when they are into their 30’s and 40’s. While it can be fun and endearing to some extent, it can also make things turn sour.

Thai girls who are in their 20’s generally do not want to find a husband online. They may write that they like an older man, but be careful. These younger Thai girls may be interested in a sugar daddy kind of relationship which is very common in Thailand.


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Secret Tip #5: Don’t wish for the stars

If you are looking for a Thailand woman of virtue or a traditional Thai girl, then maybe Thai online dating is not going to work out for you. Conservative Thai women do not use internet dating even if she does, she may be scared off after a bad experience. Bottomline: conservative Thai girls are hard find.

Secret Tip #6: Know what you want

Be specific about what you want and what you are searching for. People are often more direct online than in real life and that’s the advantage of meeting Thai women online. Remember that she likely won’t know what you expect going into a relationship and you may not know what she wants.

Secret Tip #7: Beware of photos

Some Thai women look great in photos but pictures can be deceiving as they maybe older in real life. It is normal for Thai girls to get their profile photos taken professionally in a studio. So, don’t get your hopes up too early even if your future girlfriend looks like a model in the online photos.

South Korean Women Shun Marriage With Korean Men

There are more South Korean women who shun marriage with local Korean men in favor of a career and single carefree life. According to South Korean government statistics, South Korea’s marriage rate was 6.2 marriages per 1,000 people in the year 2009 which was the lowest marriage rate ever recorded since 1970.

Why do South Korean woman want to stay single?

The are many reasons why South Korean women are avoiding marriage. Besides economic barriers such as  high cost of rent and mortgages, rigid traditional Korean cultural norms are the source of deep underlying obstacles.

Due to South Korea patriarchal family structures, South Korean men don’t see women as being equal. If you are from European countries or United States, you will be shocked that gender inequality still exists in these modern times.


Gender inequality is turning off South Korean woman

As more South Korean women are highly educated, they are slowly rejecting the traditional social structures that are imposed on them by avoiding marriage. Because of unequal gender division of labor in the patriarchal family, South Korean women are expected to serve and take care of her husband, his extended family and their children.

Males are high up in the social order as they are the one who can carry on the family line. At a young age, South Korean males are pampered and treated like crown prince therefore male chauvinism are prevalent in South Korea society.

However as long as South Koreans have this unequal gender mentality, the marriage and birth rate will continue to decline. Unsurprisingly, South Korea has one of the world’s lowest fertility rates – average of 1.15 children per South Korean woman.

Marriage sacrifices by South Korean woman

Many young South Korean women feel that marriage is unfavorable to them as it is the woman who is usually expected to make all the sacrifices in a marriage. For instance, the South Korean woman has to put off her career after her marriage. She is expected to take care of her children and juggle between her job.

Compared to western countries, inflexible work practices  and the lack of child care facilities in South Korea are factors that are dissuading South Korean women from marriage.

Why South Korean woman prefer western men

South Korean women are becoming more open-minded when it comes to dating. They found Western men less domineering than most South Korean men. If you are a white foreign man living in South Korea, you will be extremely popular among the local girls.

South Korean women like western men because they know how to treat women well. You maybe surprised that a common gesture in the west like giving flowers or presents for woman can make a South Korean girl very happy.

Ironically, South Korean men are looking for foreign brides as they are having difficulty back at home. Read this post about South Korean Men Looking For Asian Brides

Opportunity for western men looking for Korean girls

There are thousands of real South Korean women girls in search of a pen pal, chat partner. You can meet thousands of Korean singles on There are always Korean ladies online and you can get connected to beautiful Korean girls instantly. Email or chat with the native Korean girls that take your fancy.

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Muslim Matrimonial Review Part 6

In the last review of, you have discovered the 3 secret ways in contacting Muslim women members as a Free Standard member and how to use Instant Messenger. There are still a lot of fun features to explore in

Muslima Women Videos Gallery

As most of Muslim girls are ultra conservative and shy to the extent that they would not even post their photos on their profile. However there are still some outgoing Muslim women who would even post their homemade videos. You can find many of these Muslim women are from Rabat, Zagora, Souss-Massa-Draa, Grand Casablanca in Morocco.


Where to find Muslima women homemade videos?

In your member control panel, at the right panel under ” LISTS ” click the ” VIDEO GALLERY ” to see video introductions made by Muslima women members. However due to the strict Islamic values and traditions imposed onto Muslim women, there are only a handful of Muslim women who are willing to expose themselves.

Which Muslim countries does Muslima women come from?

You can find Muslim women who are looking for marriage partner from traditional Muslim countries such as

  • Jakarta Medan, Sumatera Utara, Bali, Riau, in Indonesia
  • Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Cairo,  Egypt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Doha Al Wakrah, Qatar
  • Casablanca Agadir Tangier,  Morocco

However there are also women of Muslim descent in European countries that are seeking to reconnect to their roots from as far as Quebec, Canada to New York, United States.

Where to find Muslima women for dating or marriage?

Click below to explore the Muslim world of dating and find suitable Muslim women for marriage or dating.


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