Dating Filipina Model Girlfriends

What is so great about dating a filipina girl? Many filipino girls know how to cook and had a good job (most of them are nurses). Filipina women are staunch catholic however they are also notorious for saucy in bed.

Why Filipino girls are more desirable than western women

Philippine women believe in marriage, love and togetherness unless western girls who treat marriage like a love game. Although western women make the marriage vow ” Till death do us part”, they could not last beyond the first marriage and always end up in divorces.

Filipina girls believe in ‘We’ and ‘Us’ and not ‘You’ and ‘Me’. Filipino girls make great wives and mothers, they are loyal, faithful, loving people, any man would love having for a wife. So long as they are faithful and loving, men will never have problems with them.

Unlike western women who strive for independence and career-minded, Filipino women will take care of her children and make sure her husband is well taken care of.


Filipino girls are more open-minded than Asian women from other countries. Many filipina women are willing to give a try to date non asians and to marry outside of their race.

Filipino girls are often self-critical and maybe the reason is because of low self -esteem. However most of them have slim, petite nubile bodies to die for. Most of foreign men have a preference for non-white female with long lovely flowing dark hair. Filipina girl’s lovely smile will surely melt your heart away.

Filipina women are accommodating

Filipino woman would try their very best to find ways and means to make their marriage working. Filipino girls generally fall for men who can provide them with economic security, love and companionship.

If you really want to take things up to the next level, you need to go over there in the Phillippines. There are many honest filipino ladies who are sincerely looking for love and marriage.

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Dating Filipino Girls Are Easy

Many foreign men will find Filipino girls are easy going and very friendly. It is easy to find Filipinas girls online and some may find filipina girls ideal for marriage.

Why are Filipino girls so easy

Many women from developing countries such as the Philippines, Thailand look for a man that will be able to support them financially and for security. Many Thai and Filipino women would be happy to marry a guy who will be able to improve their lifestyle and increase the standard of living for their families.

Asian women especially filipino girls and Thai women have the reputation as ideal wives because they know how to pamper her man and make him feel like a king !

For example, she will be the stay-at-home mum and take care of the children, cook for you, and make you feel comfortable at night. Foreign men may find all this attributes very special, however to Asian women , these roles and responsibilities are part and parcel of a woman’s job.

Compare to a working western woman who yearn for individuality and freedom, Asian women appears to be more submissive which all men in the world love to have.

However not all Asian women are sluts or will “worship” a white male.  Asian women also demand to be respected.

Filipino girls prefer foreign men

Filipina girls prefer foreign guys because they are more interesting and appear to be more financial stable.

The bigger cities for example Manila are abundant with pretty filipino girls. One thing you will need to keep in mind is that the filipino dating culture and the way they go about relationships and casual flings are very different from your country. However filipina girls have the ability to make you fall in love with her easily.

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Is It Possible To Meet Filipina Girls In

There are many registered filipino girls in and when you logged in, you can see that at any one time, there is more than 2000 filipino ladies online ready to chat.

Why is the largest online dating website

The reason why is so popular is because it is free. The easy to use interface makes searching for a partner a pleasant experience. Unlike other Filipina girls matchmaking websites, is not a matchmaking or a bride marriage service. is strictly an online dating service that you can search using your preference and you are free to contact any Filipino girls that you like.

How to separate the real filipino girls from the scammers

There are thousands of sincere nice filipinas on However there is always the possibility of money hustlers, unpretentious whores in any given Filipino online dating websites. The trick is learn how to separate the chaff from the wheat.

If their dress is extremely bold and almost nude, designed to incite sexual interest, you have to proceed with caution. Avoid those filipino women who dress like whores trying to show everything in their online profile pictures.  Theses girls are most likely money hustlers who have no patience. They will try to get money on the first chat, usually with a sad story about a medical emergency. Most common excuses are asking money for normal living expenses.

If you are willing to spend lots of time chatting and on webcam, you can determine who is good and which filipino ladies are just after money.

How to find a nice filipina lady for chat

If you have the time, it is a nice pastime just to chat with filipino ladies. Try to get their telephone numbers and chat with as many as possible and soon you will find a nice lady.

The best way to be sure that the filipino girl is really interested in you is to call her very often, especially at bedtime. You can call 2 or 3 times a day for just a few min. From there you can know straight away if she is really interested in knowing you since money hustlers are impatient and not willing to invest time and money just to chat.

There are very inexpensive international calling plans or you can use skype phone using the internet. If you are willing to invest the time, the rewards are great. Ignore those people who say you cannot find a nice filipino girl on net.

Joining is just the first step. It is the best preparation for a visit to the Philippines. You can decide who you want to meet and plan an agenda.

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Filipina Girlfriend Fanatasy

Many foreigner men may harbour the thought of of living his fantasy with Filipino girls. The appeal of an Asian female fantasy image is simply irresistible.  The Philippines may fit your desires and living out your fantasies with many filipina women.

Filipino girls expectations

Before you decide to have a serious relationship with a filipina woman, you need to understand some of the Filipino women expectations. A Filipino woman may demand 100 percent monogamy and require her man to be completely committed to her. Therefore you need to think twice before you commit yourself to a serious long term relationship with a filipino woman.

Some filipino women may have this kind of ideal guy and relationship expectations:

  • her man should be totally monogamous
  • he should be a goody two shoes father and family man
  • her man should be completely giving and generous to her

Therefore if you are a swinger hoping to have as many casual Filipino relationships as possible, then you should avoid marrying a filipina girl. The reason is because each filipina woman wants you to have her deep down inside to be the one and only.

Filipino girls heaven

There are many attractive girls to choose from in The Philippines, sexy girls and even model type girls with killer figures are common in the “sex disneyland”.

Many expats are able to live out his fantasy with filipino women every night. A pool party with 7 filipina girls in a classy neighborhood is common. This is a dream come true where some may never get to taste this kind of lifestyle which is reserved only for CEOs and NFL stars back in their homeland.

Filipino girls advice

The exciting passion of initial romance will fade quickly. Moreover being with the same person everyday loses its novelty and the stimulation wears off. Unless you found your true love, do not carelessly plunge yourself into a serious relationship.

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Filipino Women Culture

If you really want to seek Filipino women for dating, you should try to understand Filipino culture and some of the common characteristics of a Filipina woman.

Filipino culture and history

The Philippines is made up of many tribal groups with different cultures and languages. The Philippines were colonized by the Spanish for over 400 years.

Filipino culture is heavily influenced by Spanish colonization and noticeable in the surnames. However do not assume all filipino know Spanish. It is only their Spanish ancestors that speak Spanish.

This reveal the rich diversity and uniqueness of Filipino culture.  The filipino customs, social behaviors and food are unique to the individual tribal groups.

Filipino language

Tagalog is designated the national language and one of two official languages of the Philippines, the other being English. Most filipino who speak Tagalogs live in central Luzon, the main island, where Metro Manila is situated.

English is spoken virtually everywhere in the Philippines. The Western culture was embraced warmly during the American presence in World War II.

Filipino religion

Filipino are firm believers and staunch Roman Catholics. Their faith in God is very powerful and the Roman Catholic influence is profoundly lasting. The Christian beliefs of the Filipinos is also reflected in the hospitality of the people. Filipino people are warm and extremely friendly compared to other Asian counterparts.

Filipino relationships

Filipinos are very romantic and they love melodramas and comedy. You can see it from their TV programmes and international TV stations.

Filipino people know how to have smooth interpersonal relationships. Filipinos are keen on resolving conflicts and they might try going through a third party to resolve it. However most of us dislike these type of behaviors and interpret it as “talking behind my back”.

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